Sunday, June 20, 2010

As a Father

~ I took this picture of Jeff and Tobin at our neighbor's pasture - May 2010

Father's Day. What a special day! I feel so extremely blessed to be able to honor and celebrate with my own dad and my children's dad. Unfortunately, it's uncommon in this day and age for a woman to have been surrounded by positive male role models all her life, but that's really what's happened to me. I don't take it for granted, but especially today I say an extra prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my earthly father and my sons' father...and for the fathers my sons will someday, Lord willing, be.

Urging their children to live lives worthy of God.
That's what my dad did for me.
That's what Jeff does for our boys.
I pray that's what they will someday do for the little blessings God brings into their families.


Sally said...

You always have just the right Scripture for each Sunday. I'm going to extrapolate the encouraging, comforting, and urging to live lives worthy of God to apply to me as a mother. I certainly want to be doing that for my children also. Your children (and mine) are eternally blessed to have a Godly father.

Patti said...

At our church this morning, a father with seven of his own kids spoke of his other ministry--an outreach to boys who've spent most of their lives fatherless and on the streets. Hearing these boys' stories made me weep with gratitude for my own dear dad and my husband, who loves his children so well.