Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Whole Lotta...

...movies! Home movies, that is. My boys love watching these things, especially when we go back in the archives a few years and dig up some old ones. It's fun to say, "Look, David, that's you! Look how small you were!" And he says, "That looks like Shav!" :)

Maybe in 2015, we'll be sitting around watching these movies and laughing together--all because I took the time to post them on a lazy Saturday night.


Typical Tobin talk...Jeff taught me to just stop and listen to Tobin when he starts talking like this. I used to try to figure out exactly what he was saying, and I would repeat to him the words I thought I heard. But then I saw how Jeff just listened attentively to Tobin and how that encouraged Tobin to continue to talk, so now I imitate Jeff and have a lot of fun listening...even if I can't understand a word. ;) At least in this video, I can understand "bird" and "two!"

Josiah and David "conducting" a song they've heard only once (at the most recent SVCC concert). I particularly like what happens right at the end of this video, when I zoom in to see what Tobin is up to. ;)

More Tobin talk...he's especially interested in telling me something about a fire truck. :)

Even more Tobin talk...just for me to remember how he says certain words at this stage of his life.

Tobin riding the tricycle.

One day, Tobin was so tired that he fell asleep at the table, sitting up. Well, mostly up, that is. Except for when he started to lean to the side. :)

David getting a "roller coaster" ride on the swing last evening. He sits on the swing, I twist him up, then pull him back so that he's doing a combination of swinging and twisting. And that is a roller coaster, according to my boys. Excuse the first few seconds of crazy camera motion; I pressed "record" but then had to use my hands to hold the twisted swing to swing it, and I couldn't pick up and hold the camera steady until after I'd let David go.

Josiah's turn for a roller coaster.

I love my boys. And I love capturing little snippets of their lives in this way!


Mike and Katie said...

I love hearing the birds in the background of the swing videos. They are different than the ones around here.

Davene said...


I noticed those birds more on the video than I did in real life! I wish I knew what kind they are, but I'm terrible at identifying birds by their song. Maybe someday I'll learn.

Kristy said...

What great videos! I enjoyed watching them all. Your boys are getting so big! Good for you for taking the time to take videos and post them. What treasures these will be to you and your family in the years to come. You inspire me and I have got to get better at all this stuff. :) I wanna be just like you when I grow up.... :)

Elizabeth said...

These were just SO fun to watch Davene! To see all the boys like this was glorious! Your home is so cozy and inviting :)

Sally said...

You do such a good job of correctly prioritizing your time and life and taking the time to push swings and enjoy your blessings. These were wonderful videos. Thanks for sharing them.

Margie said...

My computer's not bringing in the videos right now (it's super slow at the moment), so I'll have to watch them later. The girls love to watch your boys playing! We watched home movies at my mom's house last night - all the old Christmases Dad filmed - and Elizabeth loved it. Except this morning she said, "Why can't I get some of the neat toys you used to get?" I had to remind her that I never got a princess costume or Glow Station for Christmas...