Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Potluck and a Pinata

This is, I believe, my next-to-last post about Josiah's birthday. Somehow birthdays get stretched into birthweeks in our family, and one single post doesn't suffice to describe it. :)

First, some pictures of the newly-turned eight year-old, compliments of Emily who continued our tradition of doing a photo shoot with the birthday boy. In case you haven't heard the shouts of joy coming from the direction of her home, she just found out that her parents are getting her a new camera, a Canon 30D, which, if you don't know anything about cameras, is a Very Nice Camera. By the time Shav's photo shoot rolls around next month, she'll be a pro with her Canon. :) She already knows way more about my Canon (Rebel) than I do! With it, she captured Josiah being contemplative...


...and cheerfully fierce.
He loves that stick he's holding--pardon me, spear. Of course, it's not a stick; it's a finely-crafted weapon.

We decided just a few days ago to have a fellowship potluck last evening, and I'm so glad it worked out because Josiah really enjoyed it and felt like it made up for the disappointment of being sick on his actual birthday. Having a pinata has become part of our birthday tradition. Last evening, each of the children got at least one turn to whack at the thing; it actually took quite a while to get it open. It was a little too well-made. :)
Finally all the candy spilled out; and the children got busy, grabbing the cone parts of the pinata to use as buckets to pile their loot into. There was A LOT of candy in it.
Tobin, bless his heart, was so happy to get one box of Nerds; and while the rest of the kids were still busily grabbing at all the candy they could find, he ran to me to show me his treasure. I couldn't help but think of David on his birthday who similarly exclaimed about one goody, while others were gathering a whole bunch. :)

Josiah beamed while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
I beamed as I saw how proud and happy he was. :)

Meanwhile, Grandma held Shav so I had my arms free for other things.
I love the dimple in Shav's elbow...and the way he's clinging to his grandma like a koala bear. :)

During the past few potlucks, Jeff has asked me to take pictures; and I've either forgotten or have taken a few that didn't turn out. Finally, last evening, I thought about snapping a couple.
We LOVE hosting these potlucks. It is always a treat to see who shows up; it's never quite the same group; there are always some surprises ("They're coming? Wow, that's GREAT!"); but it's always an encouragement to us to see and hear and be part of the fellowship. We're so grateful that people take the time to come and be a part of it!

And then, finally, it was time for the official birthday cake: a German chocolate one that Josiah, David, AND Tobin helped me make yesterday morning. "OK, Tobin, it's your turn to use the mixer while Josiah cracks this egg. Now Josiah, you can mix while David puts the salt in. Here, David, you can hold the mixer; and Tobin, can you put this vanilla in for me?" It requires a lot of refereeing on my part; but someday, when they're 12 and 15 and 18 years old and can make cakes all by themselves, it will be worth it. Maybe they'll even make a birthday cake for me one of these years! :) Speaking of cakes, I'd like to try my hand at a different kind...seems like I almost always make chocolate or German chocolate...or once in a while, strawberry or coconut or angel food or pound...but I'd like to make a new kind...something different...hmm, I'll have to think of what kind to attempt.... :)
Josiah, you are so loved; and I've got one more birthday post to tell you all about that. :)


Sally said...

Oh wow! Everything looks PERFECT! A perfect birthday for an 8-year-old, a perfect potluck, and just a really great time. Especially now, looking at these pictures, I really wish we could have been there. Thanks for inviting us. Hopefully we can make it next time. We had been gone a lot on Wed. (visiting my grandmother and then Bible Study) and Thurs. (a funeral and some shopping). That was all pretty much just me and the kids, Andrew was gone up to NOVA helping his parents move. So, if we had come, Andrew wouldn't have been able to come since he had already missed a lot of work. Plus, the kids (and I) needed some time just to be normal and at home. Then, on Fri. evening we got an impromptu visit from Andrew's brother who is entering the marines and starting boot camp on Monday. I was really glad we were home for that visit. So, even though I missed a lot, I think another time would be better all around for us.

Thanks for sharing all the fun on your blog! That's the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

My son had those same squiggly birthday candles on his cake a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like y'all had a nice celebration for Josiah. I SO familiar with birthdays stretching into birthWEEKS around here, too!

Margie said...

It looks like it was a GREAT party. ESPECIALLY the German chocolate cake. And I'm ever-so-slightly envious of Emily's 30D camera that's on the way. But she's deserving of the best - her pictures are awesome.