Monday, June 28, 2010

While I Was Nursing

I let Shav stay up late tonight. We sat outside, enjoying the coolness of the evening, pleasant conversation with neighbors, and the excitement of watching our neighbor Douglas and one of his Old Order Mennonite buddies move my parents' carport. Finally, I convinced myself that we really should come in, so I brought Shav in, got him changed for the night, then sat down to nurse him.

A few minutes later, Josiah burst into the house, excitedly called for me, and told me that there was a beautiful sunset and I needed to get the camera and come outside right then to take pictures. Well! Shav wouldn't have been happy about that so I decided not to get up, but I knew the sunset would probably be gone by the time he was in bed, so what to do? I called down to Josiah to get a chair, take it over to the shelf where the camera was, and see if he could reach it, then take it outside to Daddy so he could take pictures. He (Josiah) did, and he (Jeff) did.

The result:

Stunning, isn't it? There's actually a bird in mid-air flight in the last picture.

I'm sorry I missed seeing all of this beauty in real life, but I'm thankful for a son who appreciates it and a husband who can take fantastic pictures! :)


Miriam said...

That makes me think of this afternon... I hadn't been nursing Susannah 5 minutes when it started raining, and my wash was on the line! It didn't look like just a passing sprinkle, so I quickly deposited Susannah in the swing, ran outside and got the wash in faster than I think I ever have, came back inside, picked Susannah up and we finished :) I'm sure she wondered what on earth was going on!! I'm glad I got the wash in, because a couple minutes later it started pouring rain!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures are amazing! I loved reading this, so cozy!

Charree said...

That sunset is breathtaking. It is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.