Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Path of Life

~I took this photo at Riven Rock Park - June 20, 2010

What stands out to me as I contemplate this verse is that God is the one who makes the path known. There's a mysterious intersection between God's will and ours, between the work that He does and the work He calls us to do, between His sovereignty and His willingness to let us make choices. I don't have that intersection figured out or clearly defined. But I appreciate how this verse reminds me that I've found the path of life because God has made it known to me; so tonight, my prayer focus is that He would make the path of life known to my children so that each of them would walk in it--all the way to heaven.


jeanette said...

beautiful photo and such a great verse to go with it.

Margie said...

This is lovely, Davene. A beautiful, richly-gifted prayer for your children.