Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TTT - Women, Eggs, Mammals, Oh My!

On the morning of Josiah's 8th birthday, Jeff took him along as he climbed Mole Hill (Jeff's favorite prayer spot). As they went along, they enjoyed the beauty of nature, read some scriptures from Jeff's ever-present pocket Bible, prayed, and had a little father-son talk: a follow-up to this conversation I had long ago with Josiah.

Jeff and I felt like it was time. We wanted Josiah to hear the information from us (meaning, obviously, from Jeff!) before he discovered it in other ways. Jeff wanted the ability to give Josiah some information without going too deep. And so, as they walked, they talked about the birds and the bees.

I was very curious, of course, about how the talk had gone; and I was grateful for Jeff's report about it. The funniest part though occurred when Jeff told Josiah about women's eggs. Josiah was puzzled.

"If women have EGGS," he queried, "how are we mammals?"

I still smile every time I think about it. Smart boy! :)


Charree said...

How cute. I am glad to hear that it went well.

Have a blessed day!

bekahcubed said...

He IS a smart kid!

Lana said...

Ever since Matt first went to my parent's house he has seen and wanted to climb/hike Mole Hill. Is there a path? Is it open to the public? Could you give us some information on how we can or if we can make the trek that Jeff likes so much?

Davene said...


I have no clue. I'll ask Jeff to email you. :)

Home Instead said...

That was cute! You mentioned a christian allegory series you bought, which one was it? I'm glad ya'll had a good time at the convention. What are you homeschool plans for this coming school year? Talk to you soon. Kristal

Morning said...

Clever little creature! Isn't it amazing to see them connect information? Boo asked the other day how whales can be mammals if they live in the sea. I must admit, we had the 'sex' conversation ages ago, just in passing, although there are still bits missing. We just explain things as they come up in conversation. I figure that if Boo lived on a farm he'd know it all by now!

Davene said...


The allegory series I mentioned is The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black (website is kingdomseries.com). We got Josiah the first one, Kingdom's Dawn, which covers the time period from Adam to Moses. I haven't read the book myself yet, but I plan to, especially because I'm curious about how clearly the connection to biblical events stands out. From conversation with Josiah, I could tell that he got it. He was making the connections. What's more, there are study questions in the back of the book just to make it even more meaningful and spiritual; we haven't gone through those yet. There's no magic or mysticism in the series, but plenty of swordfighting and good v. evil - enough to satisfy my all-boy Josiah! :)

As far as homeschooling plans... In one word: Sonlight. In more words: well, that will have to be a separate post. :)



We thought that since Josiah is around farm animals (although we don't live on a real farm), he would have wondered about some of their "activity" before now, especially since our newest dog tries to mate all the time. But he really seemed to be innocently clueless.

I think your plan to explain things as they come up in conversation is a good one, and Jeff's talk with Josiah opened the door for more of those "normal" conversations to happen in the future for us. But sometimes it's tough because little ears are listening, and they're not quite ready for that much information yet. :)

I wonder if Boo has questioned you about how your baby got in your tummy!

Home Instead said...

Thanks Davene,

Thanks for the website. I'll look them up. We love Christian Fiction. Keepers of the Faith has some excellent books. I'm reading "The Giant Killer" right now. It's a good one.

I like Sonlight. I'm ordering their science. I love their fool-proof experiments. Their reading materials are also very good. I'm glad ya'll had a great year. Talk to you soon.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a precious way for daddy and son to have a "little chat". And what a precious question!

I have been told that teaching Apologia's Botony will help open the doors to that "chat" *wink

Precious children!

Margie said...

LOVE it. Great, great quote from Josiah.