Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TTT - Christians in the Bible?

Both Josiah and David attended Vacation Bible School last week, and the theme was Paul in Rome. One day as Josiah was reporting to me what he had done and learned, he said in a tone of genuine wonder, "I didn't know Christians were in the Bible!" I nearly had a coughing fit as I tried to hide my laughter, and I was so surprised by what he said that I asked him to repeat himself three or four times to make sure I heard it correctly. By way of explanation since I kept wanting to hear his comment over and over, he added, "I didn't know Christianity stretched back that far!" Oh, dear boy, what would the entire New Testament be about, if not Christianity??? :)


"Ooooo, that's DISGUSTING!" Josiah exclaimed from the backseat of our van as we drove through town yesterday after I had picked him up from soccer camp.

"What is?" I asked, since I had no idea whatsoever what he might be talking about.

His answer made me laugh. "That guy's pants were falling down, and his underwear was sticking out!!!"

"Did he have a shirt on?" I wondered.

"No. And his pants were down to HERE!" Josiah replied. I couldn't see, from the driver's seat, where his "here" was, but I could imagine.

For Josiah, the thought of anyone seeing his underwear is horrifying at this stage of life, so it's no surprise that he was shocked by such a blatant display. :)


As we were driving in the car this morning, having dropped off Josiah at soccer camp, I took the opportunity to have a little motherly chat with David about appropriate behavior and boundaries between boys and girls. That led to a discussion about what is OK and what isn't, and I realized that it's an entirely different thing to be asked "Is it OK to kiss a girl?" by a five year-old than by a 15 year-old! At one point in the conversation, David was reminding me that he is going to marry Joelle; and he said the sweetest thing: "I've really kind of fallen in love with her." What do you know of falling in love, my sweet Romeo?? :)


Also in the car today, David said loudly, "Millie [one of Jeff's co-workers] is part cow!!"

"What in the world is he talking about?" I thought; and I was getting ready to reprimand him for being so unkind, when it occurred to me that I'd better dig deeper to see what prompted that comment.

"What did you mean, David, when you said Millie is part cow?" I asked, in what I hoped was a casual, sweet voice.

His explanation made perfect sense. "Remember when she had that surgery, and they put a piece of a cow in her?"

Ah, yes! I do remember! She had heart surgery, and they put in a new valve. I hadn't remembered that it came from a cow, but perhaps it did. He must have heard someone mention that for it to stick in his head that way. Regardless, he'll have to learn that it's not the most tactful thing to talk about someone being "part cow!" :)



Elizabeth said...

LOL I love it when you do your TTT's!

Every tid-bit you post about, I eat up! :)

Our Family said...

How fun!! You have such cute boys:)

Jolanthe said...

That cow comment is too funny. :) I'm betting she thinks it's funny too.

Sally said...

This is all so funny! You have an excellent TTT post! About the part cow comment, it might be worse than you think. I believe when they use a non-synthetic valve, it's one from a pig. I think saying someone is "part pig" might be worse than saying they're part cow!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH My Goodness!!! The Christians in the bible is such a great memory to have recorded. I laughed out loud!!!

Happy TTT!

Terra said...

I loved the comment about the Christians.

3 for Me! said...


Do you think he confused the word "valve" for the word "calf" like a baby cow??? I was thinking that when you didn't know where he came up with it... I could see my kiddos confusing those words;) Which would make it even more cute:)