Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Nursery

Life these days is knocking the wind out of my sails...or taking the starch out of me...or doing something to me that leaves me exhausted by the end of day.

I am grateful, however, that earlier today, when I still actually had energy, I was able to put the finishing touches on the nursery and clean it one more time before the baby is born. (It wasn't that dirty, but had just gotten a little messy from Jeff hanging the mini blinds and creating some dust in the process.) One of the things I did was install this giraffe switchplate...
...and outlet covers that match it. We had ordered them from Ebay, and they just came so it was fun to put them up and see how well the colors coordinate. I am pleased. :)

After I finished all my little projects, I went around the room and snapped more pictures of this so-special-to-my-heart space. This is the corner on the right as you enter the room from our bedroom...

...and a close-up of the wallpaper border.
We got this border before Josiah was born, and Jeff hung it in Josiah's room in California. When we were packing up to move to Israel, we needed to take down the border because of the rental agreement; and we were surprised and thrilled when it came down in great condition, prompting us to hang onto it in case we ever wanted to try to hang it again. We never got around to putting it up during the days of David's or Tobin's infancy; but with redoing the nursery this time, we decided it was worth a try to see if it would stick. Jeff did the actual work, of course; and amazingly, it did stick pretty well, only requiring some touch-ups with glue in a few places. I'd say we've gotten our money's worth out of this border. :)

This is a closer look at the wooden wind chimes that hang in that corner; I love the mellow sound of them; and it's a happy thought to think about this unborn baby growing big enough to make these chimes sound, just like our other children have done. They've all gone through a phase of wanting to be held close to the chimes so they can shake them while I'm singing a lullaby before putting them in bed.

These shelves hold a variety of "treasures," each with a story attached.

Here is one of the most treasured items on those shelves: a camel sand design inside a little glass bottle. Jeff bought this in Petra in the country of Jordan, one of the most impressive archaeological sites I've ever been to (and quite a romantic spot, too, especially when you're involved in a supposedly secret romance!). :) I really wanted to buy one of these, too; but for some reason, I didn't--probably because I was trying to save money, possibly because when I saw Jeff buy one, I thought he was going to give it TO ME. He didn't, and I had to end up marrying him to get it!! :) It was a good decision. :)

Another treasure: this camel that Jeff made in a ceramics class he took when we lived in San Diego. This is probably my favorite piece that he's ever made, as far as ceramics and pottery go. Camels do happen to be my favorite animal. :)

On another wall hangs this elephant shelf with a soft stuffed tiger and giraffe and a frame made by my friend Eva Rubio and given to us during a baby shower before Josiah's birth. Inside the frame is a picture of Jeff and I by the bay in San Diego when I was about 8 months pregnant with Josiah, taken impromptu after a wedding in Coronado at which Jeff officiated.

What better place for this Willow Tree figurine than here in the nursery? :)

This elephant lamp is something that Jeff bought for us before Josiah's birth. Every baby's room needs a small lamp to give soft light in the middle of the night, and this one is perfect for us.

By the closet hang these two pictures: one is a zebra, the other a tiger. Our friends Victor and Tanya Aguilar gave these to us in San Diego, and these pictures (like so many of these decorations) hung in Josiah's room when he was an infant.

This next picture doesn't fit the theme of the room, but it sure fits the theme of our life!!! Jesus interacting with the children, listening to them, blessing them, loving them--what could be more important to teach our new baby than how much Jesus loves him/her?!

One last item in the nursery that I should mention. Although not a permanent addition to the nursery and not decorative in the least, this one is important.
It's my going-to-the-hospital bag, packed and ready to grab whenever The New Baby announces that he/she is ready to come out and see the world!!! Despite my sister's prediction that today would be the day (because of the full moon tonight), Baby doesn't seem eager in the least. And so I wait, sometimes impatiently, but usually with a fair degree of contentment, knowing that these last days of this pregnancy are something to be treasured, both for the ability I still have to get various projects done and continue to live as a mother of three, but also for the one-of-a-kind closeness that I still share with this baby. There is nothing like it.


Sally said...

This is a lovely post. I think you have a wonderful nursery. I was pausing to remember Paul's and Hannah's pregnancies. I never made it to this stage. I didn't even have a bag packed when my water broke with Paul (I wasn't quite 37 weeks), and with Hannah, I packed a bag, but I wasn't to the will-today-be-the-day stage, because my water broke the day I was 38 weeks with her. So, it is nice that you share this stage with us. I am looking forward to seeing your new baby also, but I'm sure not nearly as much as you are.

Margie said...

I love being the first to comment. I'm checking your blog frequently for status reports! I love the nursery, and the welcome feel it has for the baby. Your blog makes me feel as though I live next door, as if I already know my way around! Thanks for sharing with us, your near and distant readers.

And thank you for your comment. At this time, we're not talking about another. I had a moment Sunday that God is well-pleased with our family of four and felt, in that moment, as if we were wholly complete. If another is to come later say, through adoption, then we'll cross that bridge then.

We're departing soon! I'll be in as close of touch as I can while we're on the road. Waiting for your baby is beginning to consume my thoughts! I can't wait to see, via cyberspace, this next new one.

Margie said...

Oh darn, Sally beat me.

Bonnie said...

That picture of Jesus blessing the children has always been a favorite of mine (actually, it has me tearing up right now). I only wish they had made him smile a bit. But the fact that the artist has the little girl(?) so comfortable, she looks like she's telling him a story, and the intense gaze of love from Jesus- excuse me, I need a tissue now...

michelle said...

ohhh! camels! :) guess what? i too, purchased one of those sand art bottles in petra and i've had it all these years (it was in ari's room in chicago!)....but after our move back to PA last month, i unpacked it and was devastated to realize it got turned upside down or shaken too much or something and the camel was gone! :( so very sad. i guess phil and i will have to make a trip to replace it....i hope someday! can't wait to hear about the arrival of the newest little fisher!

Sarah-Anne said...

I love Willow Tree figurines!! I've often thought of starting to collect them, but since I don't have a child, or am even married, I don't think I'll start anytime soon, seeing as lots of them are mother/baby! :-)
Everything looks so put together and just plain beautiful!! I really have an eye for decorating, Davene.

New Mom said...

What an adorable room! I LOVE the wallcolor, it's so warm and inviting. So precious how many of the items have special memories behind them. It's a room already filled with love!