Monday, July 13, 2009

I Have to Write SOMETHING... Misty won't start roaming the hospital parking lot. :) (See her comment on this post for an explanation.)

I suppose it would suffice to simply say no baby, no labor. Good night!

However, before I really do call it a night, I have to make a note of the historic event that happened today: Josiah lost a tooth! It's his right bottom front tooth, his second to come out. We didn't even know it was loose until June 26, and now it's already out--a much shorter process than the month and a half of wiggling that preceded the loss of his first tooth. By the time we discovered this one was loose, it was VERY loose...and the adult tooth to replace it had already come in, behind the baby tooth. Yikes. I have a feeling that's not a good thing. Fortunately, Josiah had a dentist appointment already set up for July 15, so in two more days, we'll get to hear what Dr. Greene has to say about the situation. I'm hoping that with the baby tooth gone, the permanent one will shift into the proper position. Maybe that's an unrealistic hope? :)

Actually, the upcoming visit with Dr. Greene is what prompted Jeff to be a little more active about making sure this loose tooth came out. Josiah was not particularly interested in having anyone pull it, but somehow Jeff talked him into it...and the next thing I knew (I was upstairs folding laundry while the conversation between Jeff and Josiah happened), I heard Josiah crying. I went downstairs to the bathroom where Jeff and Josiah were both perched on the counter, one on each side of the sink. Jeff had used some oil of cloves to dab on the area around Josiah's tooth to numb it, and Josiah was crying because that stung. Jeff hadn't even touched the tooth yet. :) I actually think Josiah was crying mostly out of fear of the whole procedure; but once Jeff gave it a little time to numb and then grabbed the tooth with some tweezers, it didn't take long at all for Jeff to get the tooth out--a fairly simple procedure, so it appeared to me. Josiah said that part didn't even hurt. :) We don't do the Tooth Fairy, but Jeff did give Josiah a nice big half dollar coin which, of course, made it all worthwhile!

Once again, Josiah has a gap-toothed grin which I find adorable on him...and I got to tape another tooth into his baby book. :)

And now, while this little one inside me uses my uterus for a punching bag, I really will say good night. Maybe tomorrow will be the day, just like Jeff predicted!


Misty said...

You are always welcome to park in our lot, Davene, when the time comes! It is closer than the actual hospital lot you know? (and we would know when everything was going on as a bonus!) And so your readers don't think I'm too crazy - I live right next to the hospital parking lot! But actually now you aren't allowed to have the baby until at least Saturday night. We're going up to New Jersey this afternoon and I want you to wait until we get back. You can do that right? :)

Amy said...

As far as the tooth shifting, that is not a unrealistic hope. Austin's 2 bottom teeth did that. The first one he lost is now in line where is should be, the 2nd came in at a funny angle, but is moving closer to where is needs to be. (I had called Dr. Greene when the first tooth came out, and they said not to worry).

Sarah said...

So glad to be back and catching up on my reading--and just in time for a post from you about the new arrival! Can't wait!

Julie said...

The tooth will be fine! When Jenny was little, she fell and knocked a baby tooth almost completely out. I called the dentist I had worked for and asked if he would look at her and push it back... he commented on how many times I had done in the office, just do it on my own daughter... much more difficult! Anyway, teeth in children move around ALOT and the permanent teeth are usually what push the baby teeth out. By the cell phone is working again...and I've decided on Wednesday being the day :) See one or the other or both of you at prayer tonight? Have a great day!