Sunday, July 12, 2009

Simple Sunday - Conversations

Misty left a comment on the previous post, wondering if maybe the fact that I hadn't posted a Simple Sunday indicated that I was in labor! A good question...however, on the contrary, I am not in labor; my silence here merely indicates a busy day with various social obligations (family reunion, evening BBQ with some friends from church, plus our normal morning service), not the coming-forth of my youngest child. Believe me, when I go in labor, unless things happen very, VERY quickly, I will make sure to post something to announce the event. I'm not one to keep something like that a secret. :)

I don't have a typical Simple Sunday post tonight. No picture, but here is something I treasure and for which I give thanks...

~ thankful for the interesting conversations I have with my sons...I'm thinking in particular of two things that Josiah said yesterday...first of all, when we were in the car, running some errands, we started talking about how my last name changed when I married Daddy and how someday when/if the boys marry, their wife's last name will become Fisher...Josiah announced, to my surprise, that he wants to marry someone named Rachel...we know a few Rachels, but he's not particularly close to any of them, and I don't think his announcement was based on an actual person that he'd like to marry--simply a name that he favors and thinks would sound good with his last name--so in about 10 years or so, I'm going to be eyeing any Rachels we know very closely to see if they are appropriate wife material for my firstborn! :)...later, over lunch, he said that if this baby is a girl and then we have another girl, we should name her Virginia...when I asked him why, he said that he thinks that Virginia Fisher sounds nice :)...funny boy! sweetie pie! :)


Sally said... good to hear from you! I have been checking your blog way too frequently today, wondering if you were in the hospital with a new baby, thinking about what food I might fix for you when you have your baby, when I will get to see and hold your new you can see, I'm just really consumed with this right now.

That is very interesting about Josiah. He sounds really original and wonderful. I'm glad you have this recorded in the blog so you can remind him of it later!

Amy said...

Josiah is so sweet!! It's good you recorded this.

Just be glad he has not picked out the girl yet! Adam is determined he is going to marry a girl from preschool 2 years ago (he has not seen her since then)! But, if you ask, he will say he is married!

Great to see you last night.

Sarah-Anne said...

Misty and I were thinking the exact same thought! Funny, seeing I have no clue who is or anything...
Josiah and David's quirky little saying are some of my favorite things to read about, Davene. I love when you put something in a post to remind us that you DO have three other little boys running around. But I'm sure that they are sooo well behaved that you would never leave them to run around by themselves! :-)

Misty said...

Ha..I contemplated stalking the hospital parking lot to see if your car was there!! But then I decided that was a little too creepy :)