Monday, July 6, 2009

Prodromal, Not False

I learned something new the other day.

I was reading a bit on Mary's blog (since another blog that I read regularly mentioned that Mary just had her 4th child so, of course, I had to check it out!), and I came upon this post that talks about prodromal labor. I had never heard of prodromal labor so I found it fascinating to read and learn about it from Mary's experience.

This afternoon, when I was experiencing a higher-than-usual number of contractions, I thought maybe THIS WOULD BE THE DAY...but when things settled down without further ado, I thought, "Ah, I know what's going on; it's just prodromal labor." And tonight during a meeting I attended, I thought to myself during each contraction, "Prodromal...prodromal...prodromal."

I'm enjoying having a name for this phase of waiting--a name that rolls off my tongue more pleasantly than "false labor." :) Inevitably the labor will become real at some point; but for tonight, I'm enjoying watching this little one poke and push inside me as my belly rolls in waves of motion. I spot a foot or elbow or something protruding, then gently rub against it until the baby pulls it back again. It's a fun game for this night...and one of these nights, I'll hold this tiny person in my arms and see face to face the precious, jerky movements of a newborn. Until then, enjoy your swim, my beloved child! We're getting ready for our dance of labor and birth...
~ the boys and I on the 4th of July, squinting into the sun as we waited downtown for the parade to begin


Kate said...

I keep checking to see if Baby has made his/her appearance yet! :-) Thinking about you in the last few days of carrying the little one! I'm really enjoying Nazareth Village and it's exciting to see some of the things and places I've heard about from your family.


Kimberly said...

I'll be praying for the dance. :)

Lisa said...

I can't wait to find out when you have this baby!

If it's a boy — Jonah.
If it's a girl — Nata (means swimmer)

Sarah-Anne said...

Isn't it fun when you find out there's a fancier name to a word that you use almost every day? Although I hope you don't use "false labor" every day! :-)

Valerie said...

I'm glad you came across Mary's blog. I always think it's fun to read along with other people that are in the same stage of life as you are. Glad you were able to learn a new word to use for your labor pains too. I agree that it sounds so much nicer than false labor. :) My Dr wrote me a note to finish work 2 weeks before my due date (of my 1st) because of a "lengthened prodromal labor". I had since forgotten the word though.

Glad to hear that something is going on with baby and that perhaps it could be any day now before THE question is finally answered. (Boy or Girl?!)

Blessings to you as you wait. :)

Sarah said...

I found your post through Google Alerts. Prodromal labor is certainly not false! The contractions are real, there's just no baby (today) to show for it.

I think what you did is key: stay positive about it being SOMETHING, not nothing. We need to recognize what's really going on if we're not going to go crazy (this is *not* nothing--my body *is* working).

This subject is dear to my heart. I've had 3 prodromal births (so far). I created a blog about prodromal birth (which I called "FrogBlog" because of prodromal labor's frog-in-the-pot-of-water feel) after my first two experiences with it.

Now I'm off to check Mary's story, and I see on your sidebar that he must've arrived. Congrats! Look forward to reading the details! God bless you and your little ones!