Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still Here

Same old story. The waiting game continues, and the pace of life for me has slowed as I take each day at a time, not knowing what the next day or even the next hours hold.

This week, in my planner, this quote was at the top of the page:
Leisure is being allowed to do nothing. - G.K. Chesterton

I've allowed myself more freedom to experience that during the past week or two than I had in a very long time; and ya know, I like it! :)

Today my "doing nothing" involved regular household chores and care of the boys, plus a refreshing nap interrupted only by a fly buzzing around my face (which I woke up long enough to smash, and then went back to sleep), plus a trip to Auntie Anne's Pretzels and a stroll around the mall with Tobin after I dropped Josiah and David and my dad at the barbershop to go with Jeff to a Harrisonburg Turks game tonight, plus some time spent organizing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff in our library. In a little while, my "doing nothing" will involve an early bedtime, just as soon as I get two little boys, who are currently running around outside and laughing with the neighbor girls, tucked in bed.

Maybe God is delaying this baby's birth so that I can enjoy a few more days of leisure before the pace of life picks up considerably! Oh, but I would trade this leisure for the sight of my dear baby's face. Soon, I keep telling myself. It must be soon.


Sally said...

I was so hoping your new baby would come today, mainly because today was the day I guessed. Oh well! It will come on somebody else's day. I'm really glad you are having time to relax and enjoy a leisurely pace of life.

Valerie said...

I'm glad you are having a nice relaxing time. Life will certainly have a change of pace when baby does arrive. Now stop having such a comfy womb and send that baby his/her eviction notice. ;)

Kate said...

Actually, I think God is delaying baby's birth until I get home! :-D I fly out at 12.40 tonight... think you can hold on a little longer little one???

R.S.Laughlin said...

I was so hoping to see pics of a new baby! As I am sure you were hoping to have some to show by now! Ahh... one moment at a time- as if they could come any faster! It was great reconnecting to you, I'll leave you with this quote that I think you will appreciate as well... "Leisure implies an attitude of non-activity, of inward calm, of silence, it means not being busy, but letting things happen. Leisure is a form of silence... only the silent hear, and those who do not remain silent, do not hear... for leisure is a receptive attitude of mind, a contemplative attitude... the capacity for steeping oneself in the whole of creation. Such an attitude pits us against compusive busyness, against drivenness. It leads toward solitude and contemplation, toward creating an inner receptivity, a space where we can hear our deepest longings, realize what life is about, penetrate into reality. It can mean making a space for God. It is prayer." ~Don Postema

R.S.Laughlin said...

And NEXT time I'll actually proof before I post! ;)