Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pictures of Shav

Today the dam of self-control and reserve broke, and the river of tears flowed freely. From 5:00 AM this morning until not too long ago (actually, now), I have cried often and long--more tears in one day than I can remember shedding for a long, long time. I knew this would come. I remember how I am after giving birth, and always I reach a point of needing to release some hormones through my tear ducts. :) I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't reach this point earlier in the week, and I'm not overly alarmed by how I was feeling today. That's one of the glorious things of having given birth three times previously: I have a healthier perspective on the aftermath, and I realize that truly "this too shall pass." Still, it's no fun to cry all day long.

Everyone who spoke kindly to me today opened the faucet and made the tears flow again. If people had just ignored me or not been so nice, it would have been easier to keep my emotions in check! But no, they had to go and be sensitive to my feelings: all the way from Jeff rubbing my shoulder this morning as I cried in my mom showing up this morning to help with the boys while Jeff went to work for a few Jeff calling from work just to check on me and tell me he loved Julie Sacra calling to ask about a camera battery charger, of all things; I thought I might get through that conversation matter-of-factly without giving in to tears, but when she asked me how Shav slept last night, I was doomed! Wilma dropping by this evening, asking me how I was, and not being content with the "fine" answer I threw out but knowing from her own recent birth experience that I needed to cry. All these people! They're just too kind. :)

Anyway, before I cry so much that the tears fall on my laptop and ruin it, let me simply skip to some pictures of our sweet little Shav. These were taken in the hospital, shortly before we left.

With Josiah, the river of tears began as I dressed him to take home from the hospital; but with Shav, I was all smiles as I got to do this dear ritual.Ready to go home...
Oh, what's this? What's coming? It's a...a...
...HUGE yawn (not the shriek it looks like might be coming from his mouth!). I think yawning babies are so cute. :)

Speaking of pictures of Shav, our friend Misty is building her portfolio in preparation for kicking off her photography business. She has learned so much, and it's been fun to see the recent pictures she's taken of her littlest one, born in June. When Misty asked if she could come and take pictures of Shav, I certainly didn't want to stand in her way. :) We were honored to have her come this afternoon and take tons of pictures, and I can hardly wait to see how they turned out! It's a good thing though that she was taking still pictures, not a movie, because with photographs you can't hear my tear-drenched voice in the background. :)
Not only did she do a photo shoot, she also brought us a yummy dinner! We've been blessed by the dear friends who have provided for us in that way. Already we've been treated to home-cooked meals by Janel E. and Donna B. as well as Misty tonight; and all the meals have been so delicious. We are well-supported as we walk this path of parenting four children; and if my friends have to occasionally deal with my tears, I guess they won't mind. :)

I'm really hoping, however, that the flow of tears was sufficient today so that tomorrow can be dry! :)


Misty said...

I totally didn't notice you taking pictures of me taking pictures! :)I was honored to photograph little Shav!

Valerie said...

I get emotional when I see your little ones in that car seat! We have (had) the same one. Knowing that our new baby won't use that seat is sad to me. Pitiful, I know. Pregnancy hormones are oh so fun! :)

I can't wait to see more pictures. I love the backdrop that your friend used.

Margie said...

I forgot about the tears! I had so many with Elizabeth, especially one afternoon in which I held her and cried as I sat on the couch.

Davene, Shav is so beautiful. I love all the pictures you're sharing with us.

chicknboy said...

he is just tooooo precious!

hoping tomorrow is a bit less teary. :)

Jolanthe said...

ahhh...the tears. :) Well acquainted with them too.

Love that picture of you dressing Shav at the hospital.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I'm all caught up and all a-mush in tears myself! Such a sweet sweet journey you have shared . . . with so many more miles and smiles (and tears to go).

You are in my prayers, dear friend. Today they are all joyful, save for the mention of the inevitable tears of a mamma's body switching gears.

Take care. enJOY! : D

mamajil said...

He is beautiful!!
Congratulations!! I will keep you in my prayers, it is so hard those first few weeks!! So many emotions and hormones and exhaustion!! What a blessing to your sons to have such a loving Godly Momma!!! You rest and take it easy!! It's a short season and soon you will feel yourself again!
Hugs from my neck of the woods!