Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Ones Already Born

I've been writing so much about the upcoming birth that I've neglected, so to speak, my other offspring--not in real life, but in the blog. Of course, my days are full of other things besides this pregnancy; and my sons do a good job of helping to keep me grounded. :)

There is so much that I'd like to write about each one of them tonight, but it's getting late so I'm simply going to include some pictures from a few weeks ago of one of summer's most enjoyable traditions. Could it possibly be summer in the Shenandoah Valley without the thrill of running through a sprinkler??? :)
~ two little boys, eager for the fun
~ David running from the cold spray
~ Josiah's face absolutely cracks me up in the above picture...he looks like he's being tortured! :)
~ David's face makes me laugh in this one
~ one thing that made this sprinkler fun even more exciting is that Jeff was sitting by the faucet, turning the water on and off, increasing and decreasing the water pressure; and that obviously affected how high the water sprayed out and when it did...the boys were never quite sure exactly where the water was going to be, and if they were going to be hit with it or not :)
~ Tobin had to join in the fun, so Jeff moved the sprinkler down off the hill because Tobin was having a hard time scooting back up the hill...he did much better on level ground
~ three happy, soaked boys :)

Unexpectedly, our weather recently has been cooler--only in the 70s today, for example. It's not hot enough right now to make running through the sprinkler a favored choice, but I'm sure hotter days will come and we'll get to pull the sprinkler back out and watch these fun-loving boys do it all over again! The cooler temps have done one thing though: made these last few days of pregnancy quite bearable for me, even though I fully expected to be sweltering by now!

Before I sign off for tonight, I do want to include two things David said yesterday that amused me. We were invited over to the Sacra's house for ice cream and smores which was a wonderfully relaxing way to spend the evening; and when we pulled in their driveway, David looked down from his car seat to one of their minivans that we parked beside. Seeing that the hood was completely off their vehicle, he said in a slightly shocked voice, "Somebody forgot to put the lid on!" :)

And then on the way home, he said rather loudly, "Aw, shucks!"

I was a bit concerned so I quickly asked him, "What?"

"I should have told Joelle, 'Do you ever pick your nose?'" was his response. What a boy! :)

And what a blessing it is to have three precious sons who help to distract me from this waiting and who stand ready to be strong big brothers for our beloved new baby.


Morning said...

Yes, lucky baby to have lovely siblings. And your summer looks so inviting!

Emily Joy said...

Great pictures! I love running around in the sprinkler on hot Summer days.

I'll ask Joelle if she ever picks her nose for David :) Silly kids...

Sarah-Anne said...

I remember when we had a sprinkler to run in! Now we just put on our bathing suits and jump in the pool... :-)

Kate said...

So I just skimmed your post before I head to bed but I noticed that you all got to go to my house and have my two favorite things: smores and ice cream. I'm bummed I couldn't be there! And the hood isn't off MY vehicle is it? Haha.

And yes, Joelle does pick her nose. :-) Hopefully she'll grow out of that.