Saturday, March 13, 2010

Father and Son

We had our big family Christmas today. Yes, I realize it's March 13. Maybe Jesus was really born on this date, and we're the only ones in the world who got it right this year.

We were actually planning to have this gathering several months ago, during the first weekend of January; but that was the weekend that sickness hit hard and fast here in our home, felling each of us one by one. So we consulted our calendars and discovered that the first free weekend that would suit all of us was March 13. Some branches of our family tree are BUSY!

It's been a fantastic day, and I have so many pictures that are dear to my heart and that I want to post. But for tonight, here is just one.

When David (or Big David, as he's known when both my brother and my son are around) comes to visit, inevitably he and Dad eventually head down the hill to Dad's office. They go off by themselves to talk business, I suppose: taxes, investments, other stuff that's over my head. Today I managed to capture their trademark walk from the house to the office...
A father and son - what a beautiful sight. Though I'm in no hurry to race through these years when my boys are small, I do look forward to the day when they are grown and can relate to their father in this way: man to man, friend to friend.

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Morning said...

I love the idea that my boys will become men -- imagine that! how exciting.