Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Power of Chocolate

I had a lot I wanted to say... But I must have used up all my words earlier today, when a friend came over with her two kiddos to play this afternoon, and when I got to go out with two other friends tonight for dinner. I'm all talked out - and VERY grateful for friendship!

But, for my own records, I want to make a note here to say that I posted a recipe today over at The Foodie Spot. I'll keep this short tonight and simply say that it's my entry about The Power of Chocolate. :)

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Sally said...

Thanks so much for taking time for our visit. It has been the best thing I've experienced for...well months at least, maybe longer than that. You are such an encourager, and your children are a pure delight. I can't thank you enough. Please feel free to bring your children over any time!