Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Jamestown, We...

...walked through a beautiful museum (no pictures of that). Josiah and David were intrigued by it and ran excitedly from one exhibit to the next, exclaiming over the things they discovered.

...were thankful--again!--for our double stroller.

...used oyster shells to scrape the hair from a deer hide.

...learned how to make a dugout canoe: light a smoldering fire in it, then...
...scrape the charred wood with shells.

...admired the ships (these are replicas, of course) that carried the colonists to the New World in 1607, and marveled at how small they were. Such precarious crafts in which to cross the wide, wide ocean!

...explored the ships.

...talked to costumed guides about the ships.

...or looked overboard and ignored them while they were talking.

...went below deck on a ship.

Meanwhile, I held a fussy blanket-wrapped Shav inside my coat. That helped us both stay warm, and he drifted off to sleep in my arms. This is, by the way, the only picture of me from our trip.

We also admired the beauty of creation...

...watched a boat moving slowly down the expansive river.

...sang? or yelled? or yawned? or yodeled? who can tell?

...tried on armor and discovered how heavy it was.

...talked to bored guides in the fort (there weren't very many visitors there on that day, and some of the guides seemed a little tired and lethargic).

...went to church (it was Sunday, after all).

...photographed an old lock (Jeff took this one, by the way, and many of the other pictures).

...went inside the weapons building where a guide talked, answered questions, then...
...locked up to walk the short distance to the end of the fort so he could... this (very noisy) gun.

Some of us slept on the way home (and some of us only wanted to sleep).

And that was our trip to Jamestown!


Sally said...

Whew! How do you do it? I'm tired, and I'm at home, not Jamestown! What fun times for your boys.

Charree said...

It looks like you had a nice time. The pictures of the boys in the armor are so cute. I always thought it would be neat to visit Jamestown.

Morning said...

What a fabulous place to visit! We used to have an Old Sydney Town in the city, but it closed down. As kids we loved going there. What a great double stroller -- it does look heavy to life and put away, though. I just bought a new stroller for the baby-to-come, as I wanted one that was light and easy to put down, but with a shade and basket. My mother kindly offered to buy it for us -- when I found one for $15 at the market she couldn't believe the price!

Julie said...

Jamestown is fun! One year our Christmas picture (back when we had 4 kids) was the kiddos sitting in the scraped-out canoe in order of size. I think that Katie was 7, Caleb 6, Shani had just celebrated her 5th bday and Kieran was 10 months. Good memories. Almost another time. Wow. Who could have seen what was coming?

Kimberly said...

I have that same stroller. We had another for awhile, but it was impossible to get around in. This one really is great. Now, if it only had room for the MOMMY to sit down...