Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Good to Have a Brother

...and sister.

I know this from experience, since I have two brothers; but unfortunately, only one was able to be here last Saturday for our family gathering. As it is, it was a minor miracle that three of us siblings were together. I can't even remember the last time all four of us were in the same place. Someday...

As I watch my sons in this stage of their lives when their brothers are their best friends and constant buddies, I often wonder what life will be like for them in 20+ years. Will they live close to each other, or will they be as spread out geographically as my siblings and I have always been? Will they stay in touch? Will we all get together for the holidays like a Norman Rockwell painting? Only God knows.

But meanwhile, it's good to have a brother...
...even if he does get in the way when Mom is trying to take a picture!

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Morning said...

i do sometimes wonder if having two children is "enough" (that said, I don't know if we'd be lucky enough to have more) -- my sister and I had so much fun growing up, but now that she's gone, suddenly I'm an "only child". And I don't like it! And I know it will just get lonlier as time goes by, and the generation above me dies, too. In the words of an old adage, you really need "an heir and a spare!"