Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a Piece of Blue Cotton

Everyone knows that girl clothes are more fun than boy clothes.

As I walk through my local Walmart, on my way from the Wheat Thins to the laundry detergent, I glance over to the baby girls' section; and I agree. Myriad shades of pink--purple, light and dark--fresh apple green--cheery red--ruffles--lace--Easter dresses...need I say more?

But when I'm at home, working on the sentimental project of putting away the clothes Shav has outgrown and getting out the next bigger size for him to grow into, I think to myself that boy clothes--my boys' clothes--are better than pink ruffles any day. When I see the sleepers and onesies and jeans and outfits that they have worn, I realize that they're not just pieces of cloth anymore. No matter how cute a particular fabric or style might be, nothing competes with the draw that memories have.

Take this blue sleeper, for example, that Shav was wearing today:
Every time I see it, I think about the fact that my brother David and his wife gave it to us when our David was a baby. That's special, but there's something even more significant about this particular garment.
When David and Lori decided to adopt, their original intention was to first get a newborn (or as close to it as they could get) son, and then adopt again a few years later. They knew that the boy would be at least a few months old by the time all the paperwork and regulations were dealt with, so they selected a size according to their best estimate and chose this sleeper that has pictures of houses and airplanes and dogs and so forth and says things like, "We're There!" and "Adventure Trip" and "Going Home."
Then, when their plans were changed by their decision to adopt an older sibling group, they no longer had a need for such a small sleeper so they passed it along to us. Now when I see it, I think about them and the children they adopted...I think about David and Tobin wearing it when they were babies...and here Shav is, once again utilizing what is really just a piece of blue cotton, but which to me, is so much more.
It's love, plain and simple, framed by the sweetness of memories.
I suppose it's no wonder that as I look through our boxes of beloved baby boy clothes, I tell Jeff a little hesitantly, "I kind of hope I get to use these again someday."

It's also not surprising that, though I sometimes glance wistfully at matching mother/daughter outfits, I'd rather have my baby boy clothes than all the pink dresses in the world!


Morning said...

What a lovely thought! We've just found out our little-person-to-come is a boy, and I did have a moment of wrenching when I handed on all the pretty pink bits I'd inherited from my SIL as a 'just in case'. But then at the market last week I found two adorable litle boys outfits (for $2 a piece) -- a blue check with circus animals on it, and a darling romper covered in cars. So there are lovely things for boys, too. And Boo is over the moon about having a baby brother!

Home Instead said...

He is so cute. He looks so bright and bubbly. He has 4 teeth, just like my baby. How cute.

Valerie said...

I heartily agree!!! Three cheers for boys!! Especially the four adorable, sweet boys that you and I have (well, mine might balk at being called adorable!)

I hope you get to use all those clothes again also---and several boxes full of pink ones also!! You and Jeff are such great parents; I pray tha Lord fills your quiver to the brim!!! What laughter and memories would fill your home!!

You ARE so blessed! And I love that you know it and are thankful!!!

Have a great week!
Love, Valerie

Valerie said...

Oops!! I can count!! That should read "Four boys that YOU have and two whom I have!!"


Sally said...

Shav is absolutely adorable and unbelievably cute! I can't believe he already has four very visible teeth! Mine were both slow to get teeth.

It was such a joy and encouragement for me to see you all at church on Sunday. Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones with small children in our church, but this Sunday it was nice to have little people company.

Sally said...

P.S. I have some envy over your position---thinking about another little person using those clothes again. Due to my health situation, I had a hard time getting to the point to go ahead with our third baby. I know we'll never have lots of kids, but I know God will give us every one that we need and will be best for us, regardless of what I want. (And Andrew is nearly scared silly over this one, thinking of what might happen. And then that makes me nervous. I pray and seek to trust the Lord more and more.)

Elizabeth said...

I agree Davene, girl clothes are adorable, but you cant beat those adorable boys clothes that our precious boys sport so charmingly. And your little Shav is an angel!! Look at those teeth coming in!

Im curious to know what you guessed we were having? Im wondering if you guessed a boy :P

Leah said...

I think it's so great how each of your boys as his own distinctive look, yet it's easy to tell they're from the same family!

Jeff Fisher said...

That fourth picture down of Shav is incredible! Nice shot!

Jo Ann said...

He is adorable! It may sound funny, but I still look at the little boy clothes wistfully. :)

Mike and Katie said...

Very nice! There something special about being chosen to mother so many boys.