Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Power of Wheels

The theme of this week - at least, here on my blog - seems to be power. And so, here is another example:
I'm not sure that I, even if I thought long and hard, could come up with a better (simpler, more practical) example than this to show the scientific principle of how wheels make loads lighter. Imagine - our little Tobin can, all by himself, push not only the weight of the tricycle but also the weight of his big brother David. Impossible without wheels!

I was glad to catch this impromptu "science experiment" on video so that someday, I'll be able to remind Tobin of how STRONG he was as a 2 year-old. :) Oh, and there's another science principle demonstrated in the video, too - the law of gravity, as Josiah gets tickle-wrestled off the couch and lands on the floor. That's how Daddy & Sons tickling matches usually end up around here.

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Sally said...

Wow! Tobin sure it walking very, very well! You'd never know he hasn't been walking very long. I think his expertise has advanced quickly.