Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello, Stranger!

It's been a while since I've seen you! Yep, the 150s and 160s (and even higher than that) have become very familiar to me during the past 16 months; but you - well! - you are definitely a welcome sight!
Stick around for a while, will ya? In fact, show me some of your relatives - your smaller relatives - say, 145, 141, even that little guy 139. It would be refreshing to see them again, that's for sure.

Just for the record, at the end of last year, I was feeling frustrated by how my pregnancy weight wasn't disappearing on its own; in fact, I was feeling a lot like this post that I wrote a few months after Tobin's birth. I can't remember exactly when I started paying more attention to what I was eating in a conscious effort to lose some weight; but I do remember where my weight was hovering in those days: right around 162 pounds (and sometimes bumping a pound or two higher). I made small changes in what I ate and did, and that has resulted in small changes in my weight. The scale hasn't revealed a quick downward zoom, but I'm grateful to at least be heading in the right direction. I plan to continue losing weight until I reach 140 at least, but meanwhile I had to celebrate the happy milestone of something less than 150! :)

And now, speaking of weight...and food...and delicious, healthy calories (how's that for a transition?)...I've been enjoying a new blogging adventure: The Foodie Spot.
I was asked to contribute some recipes to this new blog; and although I felt like my plate was full (appropriate analogy, yes?), I decided to say yes anyway because preparing food is such an integral part of the way I care for and show love to my family. Food can be a necessity, something we shovel into our mouths without much thought; or it can be a feast, lovingly chosen and prepared and enjoyed together with those we love. I want the act of eating to be the latter for my family.

Here are the posts I have done so far for the new blog: here and here. But if you click over and take a peek around, you'll discover LOTS of great recipes. In fact, Brittany's Best Banana Bread just might be to blame if my scale doesn't get any lower than 149.8 for a while! ;)


Cindy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and your new blogging adventure. Your corn salad looks sooooo good!

Sally said...

Way to go on the scales! I'm staying away from scales these days. I just don't want to know. That corn salad looks really good, but I doubt I'll be making it. Corn is very high in carbs, believe it or not. That's sad, because I really like corn. Enjoy some for me!

Julie said...

Scales and I don't have a relationship at all. Good for you for having a healthy one with yours. I am still trying to figure out what "not pregnant or nursing ever again" looks like on me.

Morning said...

Good for you! It is difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin if you're not at a weight where you feel good. I'm finding it very difficult to be pregnant and gaining huge amounts of weight this time around -- I've been eating badly, too, and got into bad habits. I know it will be incredibly difficult and depressing to lose once I give birth. The extra problem is that I find exercising difficult, since the diabetes tends to give me low blood sugars. I'll just have to eat much less -- and no junk!

Heather Baker said...

Cute feet too! I "need" my first pedi of the season...Congrats on the scales!