Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello, Computer. My Name Is Davene.

Since we haven't been spending much any time together recently, I thought I'd better introduce myself again. I am a very busy wife and mother and homeschooler and keeper of my home, who thought, at the beginning of this week, that it would be a really relaxed, not-very-busy week. However, as I looked at the calendar tonight, I counted thirteen scheduled items for this week, and one is an all-day violin festival for Josiah tomorrow. Just when I think life will surely slow down, it seems to get even busier.

But then I remembered that last March felt like this, too: the height of busy-ness for the spring semester. After this month, activities begin to decline--choir classes are over, for example. In April, the pace begins to slow; and that continues even more in May, until June ushers in the glorious lazy days of summer. So I take a deep breath and plunge on, into the rapidly rushing waters of March's schedule.

The answer to the question I posed in my last post was, as you guessed, Jamestown. I have high hopes of doing a more complete post about that, but not tonight. All you get now is another picture of a small boy in a helmet like the earliest colonists would have worn. I'm not sure that Tobin knew what to think about such a great weight being put on his head!

For more pictures of my boys, you can check out Emily's blog. We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with her and part of her family in our local Wendy's restaurant; and to our great fortune, she had her camera with her. I love to see the way she captures the boys' personalities in the snapshots she takes.

And now, dear computer, kitchen duties are calling my name. I wish I could be more devoted to you, but it's just not possible at this point in time. You understand, I'm sure.

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Sally said...

I thought I was the only one who got so busy blogging had to slide over. Maybe, just maybe, you're human after all! (You're a great one, that's for sure!)