Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TTT - Your Mother's Flowers

Josiah is nearing the end of his second grade work, and one of the books we're finishing up is a Bible Q&A book that my parents gave him for Christmas. One of the pages we did recently had a fill-in-the-blank exercise, using some verses from Proverbs. He was doing great with this verse, "My child, listen to your father's teaching, and do not forget your mother's_______." However, instead of the correct answer "advice," he creatively came up with "flowers." Ah, yes, apparently God thought it was important enough that we remember our mother's flowers that He put it in the Bible. I like this new RJV* version!

* Revised Josiah Version


This doesn't really qualify as TTT because it involves something the big man in my life said to me, rather than the little ones; but if I don't jot it down now, I'll probably forget it, and I don't want to do that, of course!

Last night, Jeff went to bed before I did, since I stayed up really late to try to catch up on some emails and other "urgent" matters. When I finally crawled under the covers, Jeff was on his side, facing away from me. He started moving around restlessly, turned over towards me, and then said in a scratchy, drunk-old-man voice, "It's not nice to get into bed when my back is turned!" Even though his voice was mumbly, I could understand him and assumed that he was actually awake. Through my laughter, I answered him, "What did you expect me to do? Sit here for an hour and wait for you to turn over so I could get into bed with you facing me?" He didn't say much, so I just laughed some more and then fell asleep.

Today he claims he doesn't remember anything about this conversation! Imagine that! :)



Jolanthe said...

It cracks me up when Rick talks in his sleep ~ and often that he'll carry on a conversation with me and not remember a bit of it. :)

Jeff Fisher said...

Definitely not drunk.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...we have had entire conversations as well while he is sound asleep. Usually he ends up saying something that makes no sense and I realize he is sleeping. LOL!

Love your son's version! Definitely remember mommy's flowers!

Charree said...

I like your new blog header.

Sleeping talk is way too funny sometimes and Jeff's follow up comment is even funnier.

Have a blessed day!