Saturday, March 27, 2010

When Three Boys Go A-Walking...

...on an early spring evening, it looks a little like this:And Daddy takes the camera to capture the moment.
I'm having one of those moments of looking at my children and just being blown away that they are mine. Did they really grow inside me? Did they really come out of me? Is Josiah really that amazing little guy I had when we lived in California? Is David the same boy I gave birth to in Israel? Is Tobin the one I had, after peacefully lounging around in a jacuzzi bath, one beautiful January evening?

At this moment, I feel overwhelmed - not by laundry or dishes or dust bunnies or other household responsibilities, but by love and amazement that God has given me such good gifts. I am unspeakably blessed.

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Sally said...

You are right! Your children are a blessing to you, and I think they are to everyone else they meet. These are really neat pictures.