Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cows of Bashan

~ I took this photo of our neighbor's cows marching home - April 1, 2008 (my 32nd birthday!)

I love cows. When I see them--and I often have this privilege since we live in dairy farm country--I usually think happy, peaceful thoughts: thoughts about how pleasant it is to watch cows grazing and then chewing their cud, thoughts about how delicious a tall glass of cold milk is (my favorite beverage), thoughts about how beautiful cows' eyes are (yes, I really think this).

But occasionally when I see cows, I think of Amos 4 and the strong words God speaks against the women of Israel. He calls them cows! And it's not a compliment, let me tell ya.

May I not follow in the footsteps of those self-centered women who ignore the needs around them and think only of their own pleasure. May I never be a cow of Bashan!

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