Friday, April 2, 2010

I Think I'll Go to Bed Now

I am so tired. It's only 9:45 PM, and I'm going to go to bed now. I normally don't do this; in fact, I'm usually just getting revved up about this time, and manage to put in another two good hours or so before I finally make myself go to bed around midnight. Not tonight.

One picture before I go... I was SO surprised yesterday to receive a phone call saying, "This is The Artistic Florist. Will you be home this afternoon to receive a delivery?" Yes, I absolutely would be home for that! Isn't this bouquet a beauty?
Those good folks at The Artistic Florist surely know what they're doing! ;)

And my sweetheart surely knows how to make my birthday afternoon special.


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday, Davene! Gorgeous flowers....Carla's are always the best!

It was great seeing you the other Sunday!

Layton Family Joy said...

hi - new to your blog, I have children same ages (7yrs & 2yrs). Love the flowers!!

Margie said...

The flowers are breathtaking. And so beautiful. (And you did a lovely job with the picture.)

Julie said...

Artistic Florist is the BEST!!!! Happy Birthday my dear (a bit late). You are loved.

Patti said...

Happy birthday to you!
I love the new header. All of those clean jeans dancing in the wind--wonderful.