Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Little Monkeys

Today in the Fisher household, we lived out this old rhyme:

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

The three monkeys were Josiah, David, and Tobin, of course; and the one who fell off was sweet little Tobin. Unfortunately he hit a bookshelf on the way down and put a gash in his forehead. It wasn't too serious though: nothing that couldn't be fixed by some rocking with me, an ice pack on his forehead (although even with that, it swelled up into a noticeable lump), a visit from Dr. Grandpa (who deemed it a not-very-deep cut and applied a band-aid tightly across the area to help the skin draw together), and Mary Poppins' favorite remedy - a spoonful of sugar! Although in this case, it was a gigantic lollipop that Jeff got at the store last night. Gotta love it when the Easter candy goes on sale for cheap!
Tobin was very serious about his lollipop. He did not, however, eat nearly half of it like the picture seems to indicate. The lollipop (or "sucker," if you're my mom...though, to be fair, I used to call it that until I married Jeff and got lovingly laughed at each time I said it) had broken into several pieces, so I only gave him the half that still had the stick in it. It was enough to brighten his day.
David and Josiah weren't left out, of course. Jeff got them each a huge chocolate egg - hollow, fortunately.
They were duly impressed by the size; and although they didn't have bumps on their heads, they still thoroughly enjoyed their spoonful of sugar. :)
And I? I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Tobin's cut wasn't too bad. When I first saw his injury, I thought, "What am I going to do if he needs to get stitches?! There is NO WAY I'll be able to hold myself together enough to be any good at comforting him during such a time. I'm just going to have to call Jeff to come home. Yes, that's what I'll do! I'll just find out when he has a break in his appointments, and then I'll see if Dad can do the stitches then. That's the only way this can work out. And then I'll just stay up here at the house where I can cry in private!"

And to think that at one point in time, I wanted to be a doctor. Somewhere along the line, I turned into such a wimp!


bekahcubed said...

Glad to hear that no one was seriously hurt. Those childhood bumps and tumbles can definitely take their toll on Mommy's though!

bekahcubed said...

Grrr. I meant "Mommies" there. I abhor bad grammar--and even more so when I'm the one using it.

Davene said...


I'm the same way with grammar. Sometimes I read back through my old blog entries and find spelling or grammar mistakes, and it drives me nuts. I wonder, "Why didn't Jeff or my parents tell me about this earlier so I could fix it?" Sometimes they do tell me, and I'm grateful. :)

On another note...I meant to include in this post what The Doctor really did say. Instead of "no more monkeys jumping on the bed," he said, "With four boys, it's a wonder this hasn't happened before!" :) I can't imagine that we'll go through the next 20 years without someone in the family breaking a bone. Boys will be boys, right? :)

Margie said...

Sugar fixes everything, doesn't it? Love the comment by the doctor, by the way. So true.