Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foolishness? Or Power of God!

~ I took this picture a year ago, when I was preparing a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the singing of I Will Never Be the Same Again for a church service - April 2009

What else could I possibly post today but one of my favorite verses about the cross? What a significant time of year this is! As I was driving around town last evening, I was struck by the various crosses I saw that were adorned with the customary black cloth. And then, shortly before I reached our home, I saw that someone had gone ahead and put the traditional Easter morning white cloth on the cross that stood in their yard. I wondered whether they were already in bed and had made that change before they went to bed so that they wouldn't have to get up early and do it in the morning? Or for some other reason? Regardless, I get chills when I see the solemn black cloth of mourning, and then tears when I see the pure white cloth of resurrection.

Happy, happy Easter! May your heart grasp the meaning behind the celebration! If only we could comprehend the depth of His love and sacrifice for us!

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Morning said...

I've never heard of this tradition before -- it's beautiful!