Thursday, April 8, 2010

Josiah, the Mathematician

Josiah thinks mathematically. It's just natural to him to focus on numbers and compute figures with precision. He has little use for manipulatives because he just does it in his head! Besides his skill with math and his comprehension of various functions, what amazes me is that it's just so inborn for him to notice numbers and...I don't know how to say it any other way...think mathematically.

Today, for example, Josiah was by my side as I was at the computer reading something on my blog. He suddenly exclaimed, "I'm not 'and 1/2 years old.' It should say, 'and 5/6'!"

Huh? What are you talking about?

Apparently he was looking at his own picture in the sidebar and noticed the caption underneath it, displaying his age. In his mind, he is CLEARLY not 7 and 1/2 anymore, so I should update that to read, "7 & 5/6 years old." Technically, he's correct; but I tried to explain that people just don't do that. We don't get that exact with age. I'm not sure he was buyin' my explanation though. ;) It will be interesting to see where his mathematical mind leads him in the future.


And now, back to the kitchen I go. Back to the never-ending task of bringing order out of chaos. I really just popped onto the computer to post a recipe (of a rice dish that I think is scrumptious!) on The Foodie Spot since it's my day to post, but I got a little sidetracked and, when I saw my blog's sidebar, was reminded of that conversation with Josiah so I decided to post it before I forget. OK, I'm going to go focus now. Dishes, here I come! :)


Sally said...

Wow! All your children are impressive, and I like to read about each one's unique gifts. That's really amazing and wonderful about Josiah and numbers.

Do you have an automatic dishwasher? I really hope so. If not, maybe you need my portable one, since we now have an installed one since adding on. I have learned how to use a dishwasher to new levels, not that I can run it anytime without it tying up my kitchen sink!! If it fits in the dishwasher door, and doesn't have any wood on it, it goes in the dishwasher. And, as soon as it's full, I run it!!! I don't wait until night time to start it up. Of course, I don't have as many dishes as you, since there are just 4 of us right now.

Davene said...

Sally, yes, I do have a dishwasher! But not everything fits, so there are almost always various dishes that need to be hand-washed. Actually, I think the general tidying up is the most difficult part - at least, tonight. I still have groceries from yesterday that didn't get put away, homeschooling books from today's lessons, stuff like that. I often remind myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the general clutter, "Just deal with one thing at a time. Pick up one item and put it where it belongs, then go on to the next one. It's that simple - one thing at a time."

Thanks for always looking out for us, Sally! You're a blessing to us!! :)

Misty said...

I always wished I could think mathematically like that. Don't get me wrong - I always did well in math, up through calculus, but it never came naturally for me. That will serve him well!

Leah said...

That definitely sounds like Josiah! He's displaying his interest and gift at such a young age. Good for him!

Margie said...

I believe the ability to think mathematically can't be taught, but is an inborn gift of God's. I see the precision-leaning in E, but not in S. And since I have zero perfection/precision/analytical talent, it's nothing I could have taught her. She gets it all, no kidding, from her father. It's amazing to see in kids, isn't it?