Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three Quarters of a Year

I still remember waiting...and waiting...and waiting for him to be born. Then, somehow, he turned 3 months old. Then he was 6 months. And now he is 9 months old, as many months on the outside as he was on the inside of me.

To commemorate the occasion, I have some "S" words in honor of Shav. But first, a picture...or two...or more. ;)

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had A LOT of hair...and it stuck up crazily from his head. That boy was Tobin; and when Lisa photographed him, it looked like this:
Shav has never had that much hair; but recently I've noticed that the hair that he does have is also capable of standing straight up. And although I don't think he and Tobin really look all that similar, I am reminded of Tobin when I see Shav's hair like this:
I tried to do a reenactment of Lisa's photo shoot; but being as I know nothing about the technical aspects of photography and very little about editing, my pictures didn't turn out nearly as nice as hers. If only she didn't live so far away... :)

Anyway, the "S" words!

Seven - the number of teeth that Shav now a matter of fact, I just discovered the seventh one this had been a while since I had felt his gums to see if another one had come through, so I'm not exactly sure when the 7th appeared...but it's here now, joining his other pearly whites
Self-feed - forget the milestones of rolling over, crawling, and walking...the milestone I LOVE is self-feeding! be able to put him in his highchair with some Cheerios or baby food puffs while I attend to the other boys or do some kitchen task is a huge help!...interestingly, Josiah reached this milestone very late (just a few days before his first birthday, if I remember right), I can't remember about David, and Tobin reached it right at 9 months...Shav started doing this about a week ago, or maybe a little longer, so he's the earliest of all my boys to do this...maybe it's a survival tactic for him: he knows I can't always get to him as quickly as he (and I) would like! :)
Shy - when someone looks at, smiles at, or talks to Shav, he does this funny head-dip thing as if he's suddenly shy...but then he looks quickly back at the person - to make sure they're still looking at him, I think!'s wonderfully cute, but apparently not very unique to Shav because when beautiful Anastasia was here last Friday evening, she was doing the exact same thing
Schedule - this is what Shav's daily schedule looks like (not that these times are at all exact, but they give a rough idea of what life is like for him at 9 months of age):
he wakes up around 7:15 or sometimes (blessedly!) later,
then I take him downstairs and put him in his highchair for breakfast (which is rice cereal or oatmeal mixed with apple juice),
he watches the other boys as they get up and come downstairs and eat breakfast,
he has some playtime in the johnny jump-up or the farm toy or the playpen or the bumbo in the laundry room if I'm down there or something like that,
he usually is ready for his morning nap by about 10:00,
I put him down awake and he almost always whimpers as I leave his room and close his door but is quiet by the time I take the few steps needed to cross my room and close that door (having two doors between him and the rest of the house helps when three other noisy boys live in the house, too!),
he sleeps a couple hours and wakes up sometime during the other boys' lunchtime,
I nurse him, usually while they're all sitting at the table (Shav and I can sit in the living room, and I can still keep an eye on what's going on in the kitchen),
I put him in his highchair and either feed him some baby food or let him munch on finger foods if I need to put Tobin in bed before I feed Shav,
during the afternoon when the house settles down during Tobin's nap and Josiah and David's quiet time, he loves to be with one of us, watching what's going on,
either he's with me as I do various household tasks or he's with Josiah or David as they play quietly and he hangs out in the bumbo or johnny jump-up (which, by the way, is probably his very favorite activity in the whole world right now...he jumps around like a wild man in that thing),
by 3:30 or 4:00, he's ready for his afternoon nap which is usually a little shorter than his morning nap,
then up for suppertime (nursing and baby food) with the family (and sometimes he gets to eat first, depending on how late it is when Jeff gets home from work),
the evenings vary, depending on family activities,
I have a feeling that this summer, we'll be spending lots of evenings outside, and I'm sure he'll love that,
then getting ready for bed (sometimes a bath first),
in bed between 8:00 and 8:30.
Often sometime between midnight and 1:00 AM, he will rouse from sleep and possibly cry out a little. He usually gets himself back to sleep, but once in a while, he'll really cry and I'll nurse him. Of all the boys, he's the least consistent sleeper I've ever had...and yet, I realize that he's still a pretty terrific sleeper.
Shots - this evening we took Shav to Dad's office so he could get his first shots (we do immunize our kids, but we do it on a delayed schedule)...he got two, one in each leg; and he didn't cry a whole lot or for very long but he did kick so vigorously that I really had to hold him down (he was sitting in my lap) so that Dad could get the medicine in him...Dad also gave two shots to Tobin who did amazingly well: not crying at all for the first one, and crying only a short time for the second shots to his grandsons was the worst part of my dad's day (which shows what a tender heart my dad is) :)
Stats - before the shots, Dad weighed and measured Shav: 18 pounds, 14 ounces in weight, and 29 inches long, almost 3 pounds more than Tobin was at this age...I thought Shav was bigger, but you know how hard it is to judge that because it's so easy to forget how big (or small) our children really are at certain stages...Shav certainly does seem SO BIG to us..."Toto, I have a feeling" he's not a baby "anymore"!...when I see a newborn (like sweet baby Kristen who was here at our house last Friday for our potluck at the ripe old age of THREE DAYS!), the contrast between that stage and this 9-month stage of Shav's life is striking...what do mothers do when their babies aren't babies any longer? :)

Shav, you are so dearly loved. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for you. He gave you to us before we even knew we needed or wanted you, and you are ample proof that His ways are best and His gifts are GOOD!!


Beth said...

I love reading about all that he is doing now. He certainly is growing up. What a beautiful little boy!

Miriam said...

Ack! Don't remind me how fast the time goes!! While there's some things I'm eager for Susannah to get old enough to do, I'm becoming aware of how FAST the time flies - she's 6 weeks old already!! And I thought the last weeks and days of the preganancy were dragging, eager and anxious for her to be born... and now the time won't stop! I was thinking about the song "Sunrise, Sunset" yesterday. Before I know it she will be all grown up. :) and :(

Anyway, Happy 9 Months to Shav! The pictures are wonderful :)

Sally said...

Yeah, Miriam. Wait until you sing "One Day a Little Girl, Next Day a Lady" to her. I guess you never get to sing that to your boys, Davene! I'm so impressed with Shav! He sure is mature, and such a blessing! I'll bet his extra eating (at night sometimes) might have something to do with those additional 3 lbs.!

When do you ever find time to blog? I guess I just need to get it higher on my list of priorities, because there is so much I want to blog about. Some things I eventually get around to, and others, they just fade away into oblivion. I'm so glad you take time to write on your blog. I LOVE reading it!

Davene said...


I think you're exactly right about Shav's extra eating contributing to those 3 pounds. And here I was worried that the nursing strike he went on was going to affect his weight!

When do I find time to blog? When I should be sleeping, of course!! :) I enjoy it so much; and like you, I always feel like there are so many things I want to jot down so they don't "fade away into oblivion."

Thanks SO MUCH for your encouragement, Sally! (And the same to you, Miriam, and you, Beth...) :)

Mike and Katie said...

I think you did great with the photo shoot and I love the positioning idea especially for a newborn. I'm going the try to set the up for Tali's next photos.

I didn't realize Shav and Christiana were the same age. It's fun to compare them. I'm still working on her 9 month post. I've got the photos, but now just need to do the typing.

Michelle said...

I just looked at Kristy's blog and I started thinking of you! What gorgeous pictures and have I not congratulated you on your new addition? You are soooo blessed but I'm sure you know that. ;) Keep posting, I love reading your blog (when I remember or can steal a moment to myself) Happy Spring!