Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Jist a Girl Who Cain't Say No... the homemade popcorn that Jeff makes.
Popcorn is a Sunday evening tradition in our family, and it's been made even more delicious within the past year or so by Jeff starting to make the popcorn on our stovetop. I don't know what it is about that popcorn, but I lose all self-discipline when it's around. On Sunday evenings when I'm feeling discouraged about my lack of progress in my quest to lose weight, I urge him to NOT make homemade popcorn; instead, we pop a bag of microwave popcorn which the boys think is scrumptious but which isn't tempting at all to me after the first bite or two. It's easy to say no to that. But when Sunday evening rolls around and I'm satisfied by what the scale's been telling me, I ask him to please make popcorn. So he does. And then I eat gobs of it, cramming it into my mouth as if I'm starving. If there's any left, I eat it for breakfast on Monday.

What can I say? I'm jist a girl who cain't say least, not to homemade popcorn slathered with real butter, popped by my favorite chef in the world!

No wonder Jeff says that the sixth love language - and a big one for me - is food! :)


Bonnie said...

We have Sunday evening popcorn suppers too!
Popcorn, cheese slices, fruit, and Andy Griffith. If I was a popcorn fan, it would be perfect. (To much of it as a kid. Unless its that chemical filled powdery cheese stuff. Or caramel corn. Then I will knock people out of my way to get to it.)

Sally said...

I LOVE popcorn too! I used to eat gobs and gobs of it, but now I eat just little tiny bits of it because it's high in carbs. Maybe when I get my new body...

Heather Baker said...

Homemade is GOOD! I have banned microwave popcorn from our home, it just does not seem healthy to me...with all those artificial flavors, colors, etc. I need to invest in an air popper...and if you use a low sodium seasoning, it's ZERO POINTS with Weight Watchers!

Julie said...

Nothing like the stove top popped with REAL butter, and my mom always made the white popcorn. That's how we eat it around here, and I TOTALLY agree with you Davene. And I purposefully don't keep a scale, so, oh well. I eat it every time. Yum.

Elizabeth said...

So cute Davene! :) I know there is nothing better then homemade popcorn! Benjamin is our popcorn maker around here and he does a really nice job :P

Love your new hair style by the way! :)

Much love and God bless sweet friend!