Thursday, April 22, 2010

No, David!

Jeff got home a little on the late side tonight; spending 11 and a half hours cutting hair can be draining. Not only that, but he met a friend for prayer and Bible study at 6:00 AM which made for a nice early morning...and then when he got home from work, he headed to the garden to take care of his babies (AKA onion plants), fertilizing and watering them before coming inside for his own supper. Then he zonked on the couch, and I don't blame him. Sometimes I think I have such a busy schedule with so many demands for my time; but then I think about the weight of the burdens he carries on his shoulders, and my job seems easier!

What I wanted to say though is that during the late afternoon, knowing that Jeff wouldn't be home for a while, I took some time to sit with David and Tobin, click on the "Grab the Popcorn..." category here on my blog, and watch the videos that I've previously posted. It was so much fun! I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks, prompting David to look over at me and ask in amazement, "Are you CRYING?" I also made a decision: I should post more videos of our daily life. There's nothing like a video to sweep you back in time. Seeing the clothes my boys wore in those videos, seeing items in the house, hearing their young voices, observing their body language, being reminded of the uniqueness that is THEM, etc. - all of that makes those videos almost unbearably precious to me.

So here are videos - lots of them - that show this stage in our lives and the triumph of David being able to read A Real Book, a first for him. The first day he read this book, I took a video of him reading it straight through; but when I tried to post it, I realized it was far too big of a file. Today, I finally got around to having him read it again for me so I could film it in little snippets that were small enough to post.

When I originally filmed David reading it, Josiah then wanted a turn with reading it for the camera; he did it as fast as he could since it's such an easy book for him. But the real value of that video for me is the brotherly interaction that is captured, with various interjections from David and Tobin and even a little jab that Josiah throws towards one of David's interruptions. :) And then the thing that really cracked us up: Tobin "learning to read" from David's example. Tobin recognizes this book; and whenever he sees it, he's quick to blurt out a "no, Day-dee!" He likes to do that on every single page. :)
These boys! What treasures they are! And these days! How precious!!

* By the way, today's my day to post on The Foodie Spot, so for my own memory's sake, I want to mention here that posted a recipe for Sour Cream Cornbread. Someday when I get this portion of my blog printed out in book form (when I have gobs of free time to use for projects like that!), I'd like to include the recipes I've posted there. I'm sure that free time will be coming along any day now, right? Right?? :)


Sally said...

You are so good a videoing and then sharing them! Whenever I see some home video footage of my kids, or from back at home, I am pricked to get our own video camera out more often. Then, my problem is, once they are captured on the computer, not taking the time clip and organize them so we can actually enjoy watching them. Me, who did the great video project a few years ago, can't even manage my own video collection!! Yikes! Maybe I should put that on my list of things to get done before August.

Home Instead said...

I enjoyed watching the videos of your boys. They made me smile today.

Mike and Katie said...

Amanda loves watching your boys read and asked me to record her "reading." Would you mind of I linked my post to yours?

Davene said...


That would be fine! I look forward to seeing your post! :)