Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Half a Year

Six months ago, it was summer.
Six months ago, we didn't have a skiff of snow on the ground like we do tonight.

Six months ago, I wasn't at home.
Six months ago, I was in the hospital.

Six months ago, I was enjoying the first blissful night of life with Shav on the outside!

To celebrate Shav's half-birthday today, he and I went on a walk. To my dad's office. For Shav to be weighed and measured (16 pounds, 28 inches), but not to be given a shot because, after all, he has a cough and we wouldn't want to vaccinate him while his body is already fighting off a cold! Any excuse will do when it comes to delaying the misery of giving him a shot. :)

I wanted to take some special pictures of him today, so I attempted to do so this morning in a quick photo shoot with poor lighting. Photographically, I'm not thrilled at all with the results. Emotionally, I love them.

I wanted to do a reenactment of this picture of him, taken in late July for my August header.

Here he is today, in all his grinning, I-don't-fit-on-the-chair-anymore glory.

In this picture, his two little teeth are visible...and his sweet I love it!

Then it was time for him to sit up on the chair to show off what a big boy he is. (Not visible in this picture: Josiah waiting just to the right of Shav, in case Shav lost his balance and started to fall off the chair. Which he did--a few times. Lost his balance, that is--he didn't actually fall!)

This is Shav's alert, what's-going-on look.

And another one of his funny faces...I smile just looking at this picture. :)

Here's a more natural smile from Shav.

When I see this picture, I imagine him saying, "Uh, Mom, did you know there's a tiger on my back? Maybe you him off me?!" :)

"Oh, never mind, he can stay. I'll smile anyway." :)

Oh, sweet Shav, how we love you! You have been a precious gift to us for six whole months, and we can't even imagine our family without you. When we look at family pictures from before you were born, they just don't look right anymore! Thank you for all the joy and smiles and laughter and love you bring to us. You are an exquisite treasure!

Happy half-birthday, little dear one!!


Thanks to everyone for the very kind comments left on my blogiversary post; I am so blessed to be part of such an encouraging, supportive community, and I wish I could meet each of you in real life! I also wish I could give each of you a prize, but the winner of the giveaway (selected by asking Josiah and David--then Jeff, too--to choose a number between 1 and 22, then taking the median of those numbers) is commenter #9, Tim and Michelle! We know Tim from the semester when Jeff and I were students in Jerusalem (and oh, what a semester that was! who knew that a California guy and a Virginia girl would meet and fall in love halfway around the world in Israel?); and although we've never met his wife Michelle, I feel like I know her because of blogging. They are serving the Lord in Mexico, and I admire them both for their passion for God and for the lost. Plus, they've got incredibly cute children. :)

Congrats, Tim and Michelle!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Davene what wonderful pictures!!! I love the retake, to see how much he has grown and matured!

Jeff Fisher said...

You did a great job taking those photos of Shav!

Debbie said...

You have a beautiful little boy. Don't they grow up fast. Treasure every moment. Thanks for stopping by my place. Blessings, Debbie

Sally said...

Teeth already! Wow! Mine were very late to teeth. He is so expressive, and so grown-up! You're doing a good job.

Stacey said...

Such sweet photos! I love them all. I think you did a great job. I love the ones with the tiger on his back, partly because of the expressions on shav's face and partly because the tiger has such a serious face, it is a huge contrast between the two. I really like the ones of shav lying on the chair before and after, he has grown so much, what a way to capture the growth in photos.

Morning said...

Those are lovely photos -- you did a wonderful job. What a smiley boys with eyes full of personality. Your boys are all such individuals!

Tim and Michelle said...

I enjoy your pictures :)...and thanks for the sweet comments and for doing a giveaway :)...How fun!

michelle said...

yes, it was a wonderful semester indeed! :) for some funny reason i was thinking about it just last night and remembered how the sheirut (did i spell that right?) that tim and i took from the airport could NOT find the school - the driver took us all over the old city and new city! it was crazy...i need to drop tim a note and ask if he remembers...i remember seriously thinking we weren't gonna make it....and actually, the driver ended up dropping us off at the bottom of mt.zion and tim and i had to walk up the hill w/ our stuff!! so funny. oh the memories!

First Things First said...

Sweet, sweet post! I love the retro pics, Shav now and then!

Margie said...

I realized when I saw the August header that that's still how I think of Shav, even though I've been watching your pictures of him grow. Six months is a milestone. His first six months have gone by so FAST.

Hope you're getting some rest, Davene!