Monday, January 25, 2010

When Kids Get the Camera... never know what kinds of pictures will show up!

This afternoon, I was taking advantage of the warm (in the 50's) temperature and playing outside with the three older boys while Shav was in his cradle. We were having a lot of fun, until it started raining. None of us really wanted to come in; but I consoled the boys with the thought that after we came in, we could look towards the east from the porch on the opposite side of the house...and maybe there would be a rainbow. I secretly doubted that there would be, but my doubts were proved wrong when we discovered this beauty shining in the sky:
Josiah wanted to take some pictures of the rainbow, so I got my old camera and handed it off to him and he got busy. He took the picture above and the next two below (and the first one below is the only one I edited at all; all the rest in this post are SOOC).
For the picture below: it's impossible to tell, but the end of the rainbow was coming down right behind this group of trees, and Josiah was trying to show that.

Then, of course, David had to have a turn, so Josiah reluctantly turned the camera over to him...and David kept it for the next several hours, having a blast taking pictures (80+) of anything and everything that caught his fancy. I was quite amused tonight when I downloaded the pictures and discovered some "treasures." Here are the best of the best! :)

Tobin with a shoe that Josiah left on the steps:

Some sort of made-up game Josiah was playing with the Risk pieces (he had told me earlier that the Risk board was too small so he had to use the floor):

The ceiling fan in Josiah and David's room, along with part of the dark blue "sky" ceiling, complete with stars, moon, and planets:

A self-portrait (when David saw this, he said, "I wasn't smiling"):

Josiah smiled:

The Risk board caught David's attention again:

The gloves we wear when we build up the fire in our woodstove:

A book Josiah was reading before supper:

Shav waiting in his highchair for his supper:

Shav's supper (part of it):

A blurry picture of our broom:

And, finally, our living room rug:
What fun to see the world through David's eyes for a few hours! Now if only I could figure out a way to get inside his head and discover what he's thinking... :)


Bonnie said...

I actually noticed right away that the rainbow was coming down behind the trees! And that second picture is really neat, it looks like he walked right up to the rainbow. (Zoom I imagine?)
Great pictures boys!

Misty said...

awesome picture. I love looking through the pictures on my cell phone after the kids have played with it. Sometimes I find some gems!

Margie said...

How great! Sarah has a few of these and I have thought of doing a post called "For the Record." It shows the massive amounts of toys on Elizabeth's floor!

But the rainbow ending in the trees is truly a treasure. It could almost become a family legend. The picture is really amazing.

Julie said...

That was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow. And I think maybe the first my little girls have seen so clearly. Excitement as we were driving across town and the desire to go through it ;-)