Monday, July 12, 2010

The Ball I Keep Dropping

Every so often, I visit Valerie's blog, not because there's a new post (there rarely is ;-), but because of her wonderful explanation at the bottom of her sidebar about Glass Balls. I need the reminder periodically to pay less attention to the rubber balls in my life and more attention to the glass ones.

I have felt productive this summer. As always, there are many, many more projects to do than I have time for, and each minute of the day could be spent in numerous ways. I constantly feel the pressure of not having enough time and having to make sometimes difficult choices about how to spend my limited time. But as I look back over the past month or two, I do feel a sense of accomplishment about certain things that I've been able to do; and I like that!

However, I think that what I haven't been doing a good job of keeping up with is friendships. With some friends, I've been doing fine; but I have a sense that there are some that have been neglected--and feel it. Often when I apologize to people for not keeping in touch better, they reply with a quick, "Don't worry about it! I know you're busy, and I am, too. I should have kept in touch better, too; but really, it's not a problem!" But regardless, I do wish I could more consistently connect with some people who are dear to my heart. I don't want my friends--especially ones that we had in different places and seasons of life--to feel hurt by my silence and take personally the lack of contact coming from my direction.

Maybe FaceBook is the answer. NO WAY!!! ;-) Not for me!

This week, in the midst of preparing for our vacation next week as well as dealing with normal tasks, I want to make an extra effort to reach out and connect with friends old and new, near and far. I want to make sure that the glass balls that have been entrusted to me don't get dropped and cracked and broken.

Before I sign off for the night, I'll just mention that today is the half-birthday of one of the precious glass balls in my life: Tobin Bear! :) And here is an old picture of him--from way back in March, I think--that I never posted.
He's always been good at plopping down in Josiah's lap and making himself comfortable. What are brothers for?! :)


bekahcubed said...

I can definitely identify with you--it's so easy to neglect friendships in the midst of the urgent every-days. I think friendship is an area most of us can afford to grow in :-)

Sally said...

Thanks for this post. I hopped over to read the "Glass Balls" article, and it was a good reminder for me. Not that I have energy to go any further right now, trying to catch the glass balls, but I want to be aware of it and try to appropriate my energy in the best way.

Hooray for you in having a productive summer. I know it really gives a mommy a boost to actually get something done "outside the hamster wheel". You do a great job of managing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person left who doesn't "do" Facebook!

You are very thoughtful to realize that you need concentrate a little more on your friendships. Your friends will greatly appreciate it.

Glad you are having a good summer! Please stop by my blog, as I am having a giveaway of Christian fiction.

Margie said...

I'm envious of how well you've managed your summer, when mine feels like such a failure on so many fronts. But speaking of friendship, as much as I want to catch up on your life I have to go - the girls really don't do well when I'm on the computer. So I need to give them the attention they need. Will be back! Have dedicated this week to catching up. It's been way, way too long.