Thursday, July 29, 2010

There's No Way I Could...

...possibly finish planning for this coming year of homeschool with our homeschool closet looking like this:
Nope. No way at all. It's impossible. I simply can't think straight with all my supplies so disorganized. For me, creativity doesn't come from chaos, but from order.

I'd better get busy... ;-)


I just put up a post on The Foodie Spot--a recipe that my dad's mom used to make. She passed it down to my mom, and I learned it from her. I love the happy memories connected with these family food traditions!


Sally said...

I hope the closet organizing goes well over there. I'm still working at the closets in Hannah's room, Paul's room, and the new baby's room. I get in about 15 min. here and there some days. I had put a lot of things that didn't belong in those closets during the building, and then the room-painting/closet construction, etc. Now, I just need to figure out where the stuff will go.

That recipe looks so good! I too am a fan of refrigerator biscuits at this stage in my life. Once, while reaching for some at the supermarket, a lady (total stranger) turned to me and said something like, "I would have thought you would make your own." Did it cross her mind that she too was buying refrigerator biscuits?
Anyway, I hope to try it before too long. My gestational diabetes seems to finally be letting up, after months of steadily getting worse. Whew! I can finally branch out to eat more than zucchini, squash, and green beans!

Heather Baker said...

Check out my blog post! I was feeling overwhelmed 24 hours ago, books were everywhere! This solution had brought order and PEACE! I am with you...I cannot function when things are a mess!

Jolanthe said...

Same here...I took pictures of my mess to document the improvement...

still working on it!