Monday, July 26, 2010

Now You Tell Me!

I'm tired tonight. Happy, but tired.

I'm not sure which is harder and more draining: getting ready for vacation, vacationing itself, or recovering from vacation. Maybe they're equally exhausting.

We were blessed to travel with two other families who were the best possible traveling companions I could ever imagine. We LOVED being with them, and we literally wouldn't have gone without them (because they had already planned to go before we even knew about it--they were the ones who told us about it and strongly "encouraged" us to go). :)

But I did have to smile when, in separate conversations this past week, they made comments like this:
Becky: "When my children were young, I didn't go anywhere!"
Julie: "When my girls were little, three days of vacation were the most I could handle!"

I can see why they would say that; in fact, by the fifth day of our vacation, I was convinced that three days was about all I could handle, too! :) But why, if their own experiences of vacationing with young children were so challenging, did they urge us so convincingly to go with them? And why didn't they make those revealing comments back in March when we were still deciding whether to attempt it or not? I think they tricked us into going. :)

I'm SO GLAD they did! ;-)
~ Jeff and Tobin in the gardens of the Creation Museum...This was on the 5th day--not the 5th day of creation (sea creatures and flying creatures, check :)--but the 5th day of vacation, our most difficult day. Despite the beautiful, peaceful surroundings in this picture, there was some tension crackling in the 100 degree air. It was nothing that a long nap for cranky people in a cool hotel room couldn't dissipate though. :)


Sally said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Everybody else seems to vacation all gung-ho with newborns, crawlers, toddlers, youngsters, etc., and I nearly groan whenever Andrew tries to talk me into one. Yes, we do enjoy it greatly, and the kids have a great time, but SOMEONE is always working their fingers to the bone to make that happen. Believe me, I can already start a book on how to vacation (and not vacation) with small children. The first thing to scratch is the 16 coolers and 45 borrowed ice packs to tote a week's worth of food for 10 people 600 miles.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I just feel better knowing I'm not the only one that thinks a vacation with small children is challenging. I hope you can get rested up. (Are you sure it's a summer vacation if you don't have to vacuum 5 lbs. of sand out of your car?)

Marie said...

So excited to hear you went to the Creation Museum! We have been meaning to go for some time now, its not to far from us. Wouldn't have that been funny if we ran into each other LOL!!

Margie said...

They asked you to go because they FORGOT what traveling with young-uns was like. Until they got with you and it all came back...

Even so, it sounds like a marvelous trip and I'm glad you were able to go. I'm a little envious!