Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Evening=Sweet Snuggles

My head and heart are full tonight. We're home from vacation, and there is SO MUCH I could write; but I won't take the time to do it tonight. I don't even want to, in fact. I just want to go to bed and lie there and think and ponder and feel and not express any of it.

So I'll just say this:

Even though it's Sunday, I don't have a Truth, Light, Hammer, Fire post ready for today. Oops.

My toe still hurts.

On Sunday evenings, I've started a new tradition of lying down in Josiah's bed when I tuck him and David in for the night. Sometimes I think, "If I was a great mom, I'd do this every night." But I don't because usually, once they get in bed, I'm doing the dishes or doing a load of laundry or trying to get things organized and ready for the next day. On Sundays, however, I take the time to let other things slide so that I can spend that time with my two oldest sons. I lie down in the middle, with Josiah on my right and David on my left, and I sing their lullabies to them, we pray together, and we talk about life. It's a precious time.

Tonight I learned that the best part of the day for Josiah was when he was swimming at a friends' house this afternoon and got to use the best pair of goggles he's ever had on. The worst part for him was when Joelle almost fell off Emily's back in the water. David told me that Popeye can pull up a tree with just his hand. Josiah sang the Johnny Appleseed song to begin his prayer. David told me that he hopes that in his class tomorrow (a kids' class at our local community college), he'll be able to do all the activities (because in one of the kids' classes at the conference we just attended, he couldn't do some of the activities/tricks that the group was doing).

They were so happy, as bedtime approached, when I reminded them that it was Sunday evening and I would snuggle with them. I was so happy, too.

I can hardly wait for next Sunday evening.


Morning said...

I'm also trying to make special time for my big boy. It's so rewarding to learn about their thoughts and hopes. But of course you can't do it every day, Davene -- being a good mum also means doing the washing and cleaning and keeping the house under control! It's a fine line, isn't it?

Kristy said...

I love that idea! I love the idea of just planning the same night each week. What sweet times your boys will remember forever! Snuggle away!

Anonymous said...

I love Snuggle Time! My son has been asking to sleep with me this summer when his dad works nights. I've been letting him because it won't be too much longer when he won't want to do that. We stay up late and read and talk. It's precious time together.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!