Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Title Goes Here...

...but I can't think of one.

When an 8 year-old boy perpetually loses his pocketknife and later finds it under the covers of his bed, we chalk it up to childish immaturity.
When a 39 year-old man is looking for his favorite pen and later finds it on the lawnmower, we think it's funny and tease him a little.
When an 82 year-old man can't find his keys and later finds them in the refrigerator, we say he's crazy and maybe shouldn't be allowed to live on his own anymore...and there goes his independence.

When a 2 year-old is driving a tricycle and falls over, we pick him up, kiss his knees, and set him back on the trike.
When a 27 year-old woman has an auto accident, we say "thank God you're OK!" and "too bad your insurance will go up."
When a 78 year-old woman has a fender bender, we tell her she shouldn't drive anymore and take away her license...and there goes her independence.

When the children in a two-parent family whine and complain about leaving a gathering of friends, the parents think, "They're just being kids. Of course, they'll whine because they don't want to leave their friends, but it's no big deal."
When the child of a newly-single dad whines about leaving, the dad thinks, "Oh, no. Everybody will think she doesn't like being with me. I'm not a good enough dad. I've got to make life better for her. Everybody is looking down on me."

When someone asks a spiritually mature person, "What has God been teaching you recently?" the person is delighted to answer the question and give glory to God for the ways He works and teaches and loves and guides.
When someone asks an immature or spiritually dead person that question, the person being asked feels threatened and defensive and assumes that the questioner is prideful and holier-than-thou.

I'm not sure what my point is. Maybe I don't have one. Maybe I don't need to have one. Just thoughts, I guess.


bekahcubed said...

Those are some great thoughts--definitely something to think about. It's amazing how age and circumstances change our perceptions of things.

Sally said...

Wow! You do some thinking in your head! I don't see Alzheimer's in your future. With my brain acting like a sieve at times even now, sometimes the future scares me. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Charree said...

Thanks for sharing!