Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Shoot from the Stump

~ I took this picture in our backyard - July 16, 2010

When Jeff read this verse during a family devotional before supper recently, I knew I needed to use it with a picture of our real-life shoot from a stump behind our house. Jeff cut this maple tree down some time ago, but life springs forth anyway.

I'm so grateful for THE shoot from a stump, THE branch from the roots, the One whose name is Jesus!


Anonymous said...

You don't remember but the tree that Jeff cut down was actually a "shoot" from the root of a tree that was transplanted from your grandparents farm in PA. The main sapling had died and your Uncle Otis advised us to cut it down and let the shoot grow in its place.
I doubt if the shoot that is there now will be allowed to grow.;-)

Margie said...

Love your dad's comment. Just today we were listening to the story of Ruth, mother of Obed, grandmother of Jesse, great-grandmother of David. So reading this today couldn't have been a coincidence, even as late as I am!