Monday, July 5, 2010

This Time Last Year...

...I was eagerly--SO eagerly--awaiting the birth of our fourth child. As the beginning of July passes this year and all the special events surrounding Independence Day go by, I can't help but think of what was going on last year and how I was feeling. Every single day, my thoughts are full of remembrance.

For example, last evening we went to the VanPelt's home for their annual 4th of July picnic and fireworks extravaganza. (And I forgot to take my camera--shame on me!) :) I thought about how last year, I had been looking forward to going, but ended up staying home with Tobin who was not feeling well, so Jeff took the older two boys and went without me. Evenings at home were nice when I was so far along in that pregnancy, but this year, I was glad to actually be able to go to the party!

For another example, as we watched our town's parade, I remembered how big and heavy and slow-moving I felt as I sat on the sidewalk and watched last year's parade. I remembered the picture in this post and was thankful that this year, I could wear regular clothes, not maternity, and didn't feel like such an elephant. :)

I also remembered how, after the parade last year, we headed to the arboretum so Misty could take pictures for us; those pics are here.

I remember how the same questions would circle around and around in my head last year: when would labor start? would the baby be a boy or a girl? how would things go? would labor be fast or slow? what would be the sign that I should go to the hospital? would I give birth naturally again? when, oh when, would it be???

This year, I'm enjoying reminiscing, but I'm also enjoying the fact that Shav is nearly a year old and all of my boys are a year older and much more mature than they were last year. I'm enjoying the fact that The Mountain is behind me. So, while life might not be quite as exciting as it was last year, it is indeed easier!

Before I head to bed, here are some photos from this year's parade:
The parade was held on the 3rd, not the 4th, because of the 4th landing on a Sunday. Jeff had to work on that day, so we met him at the shop and walked from there to downtown. We arrived just as the parade was starting and weren't sure if we would get a good spot to view the action, but fortunately Josiah and David could wiggle their way through some chairs to sit on the curb and have front-row seats.
When I look at the above picture, I think, as I often do, of how blessed Josiah and David are to have each other. They're such good buddies (even if they do argue sometimes), and I know they would feel a little lost without each other to share excitement and fun and adventures.

These beautiful horses are always in the parade.

While Josiah and David were sitting on the curb ready to pounce on any candy that might be flung their way, Tobin and Shav were relaxing in comfort in their double stroller which was parked back against a building. They were both quite content to sit in it the whole time, and it all worked out great.

This is such a classic Tobin expression, as he "explains" something to us.

Tobin's thumb is always handy entertainment. :)

Shav preferred to chew on the stroller straps. :)

The best part of the parade, for sure, is the candy. As soon as Josiah...
...and David got a lollipop to suck on, I knew the parade was a success! :)
One thing that made me proud is that they were so good at sharing the candy they received, not only with Tobin, but also with another little boy who was sitting near them. I loved the way that Josiah, without any prompting from us, held out some candy to the other boy and made sure that he got enough, too.

I just thought of a huge difference between last year and this year. It's so much easier now to sleep...and get in and out of bed...and roll over...than it was a year ago. I think I'll take advantage of the ease of sleeping and call it a night. :)


Leah said...

Yes, don't those one year ago memories really take you back?! That's something I wrote about a few days ago.
Love that Josiah shared without prompting!

Beth said...

I had many thoughts similar to yours Davene...although I find myself thinking ahead to next year and how different things will be then! What a difference a year makes! Next year at this time I will have 2 boys who will be 2 1/2 and a little girl who will be around 10 months! This year I am the elephant in bed! :) I'm glad you had a great 4th!

Sally said...

This is encouraging to read. Like Beth, this year I am the elephant who is looking at The Mountain and wondering how my labor will start. I'm glad to hear that the other side of the mountain does exist and can (and will be) reached. You did a lot of hard work to get to the other side, and I'm glad you can enjoy things being a little easier now. Just wait until Shav is 2 and walking! Ahhhh...., and then when all 4 are potty-trained! Wow! Life will feel like it's on automatic then.