Sunday, July 4, 2010


~ I took this photo at Riven Rock Park - June 20, 2010

During dinner out with friends (that I mentioned here), the conversation turned to the difficulties of shepherding our sons as they become teenagers and have to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of youth, made more difficult perhaps by the particular time in which we live. Nowadays, the "woman who is a snare" is only a click of a mouse away, and how do we inspire our sons to choose purity and righteousness? My friends and I didn't exactly figure out the solution to that vexing question, but we sure tried! :)

Today, I pray especially that my boys will be men who please God and that they will never be ensnared by the woman "whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains." I pray for the women they will encounter and will learn to love. I pray for wisdom and insight for my sons so that they will be able to accurately discern the character of the women to whom they are drawn. I pray for strong, Godly marriages for each of them (if it is God's will that each of them marries). I pray for thick hedges of protection to reside around their hearts and minds, keeping the enemy away and defeating all his attacks.

May the only chains around my boys be chains of love, linking them to their brides and--together with their spouse--to their God!


Sally said...

This is a good post, and a good Scripture verse. My heart has a lot of burden for my younger siblings. Their lives are so much different from anything I ever knew or was exposed to.

Sally said...

I really enjoy your Daily Manna blog. Is there no place to leave comments there, or am I just overlooking the button?

P.S. I wish I was more like you!

Davene said...

Oh, Sally, I wish I was more like YOU! You excel in so many areas!!!

I'm grateful that you've been blessed by the Manna blog. You're right, there is no place to leave comments there. I set it up that way so that my mind and heart would be more focused on the audience of One than on the readers who might leave comments. I know how icky my heart can be: deceitful, prideful, insecure, seeking too much affirmation from people, comparing myself in unhealthy ways, being manipulative to get certain responses from people. I don't want to be that way in real life...nor in this blog...but especially not in the Manna blog. Does that make sense?

If, however, you read something on that blog and would like to ask a question about it or discuss it further, I would be more than happy to do so!! You can email me, or leave a comment here...or, since you know me in real life, call me or come see me! :)

In a nutshell, by not having comments, I'm not trying to shut down healthy dialog or mutual edification, just trying to keep my heart pure before God.

Sally said...

That's very good insight and discernment of your own human heart, Davene. I figured it was set up that way purposely, but I hadn't tried to guess why. Some of those verses on your Manna blog are very convicting to my soul and I'm sure that's what I need for my eternal blessings.

Yes, one of these days (before our baby's born!) I am going to squeeze in a visit with you. I'm in the middle of finishing the closets in Hannah's room (I just put joint compound on a bunch of holes), and maybe, just maybe, I'll get that all done today. If not, then tomorrow.

Margie said...

I, too, am concerned about what lies ahead, and the importance of shepherding the girls' hearts now. But I am heartened when I see my nieces and other older girls who are as lovely as I want my girls to be at their age. It gives me great hope.

Home Instead said...

This subject is ever before my heart. I think I'm convinced that the opposite sex is what draws most young people away from God. I know every day is inching closer and closer to "that" battle. I too am praying daily for the childrens' hearts.