Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation by the Numbers

3 families

6 adults

12 children (although two of those "children" have graduated from high school)

3 minivans

5 carseats/boosters

5 states

MANY miles

2 days at a museum

5 hours of sleep last night (I stayed up too late packing)


LOTS and LOTS of fun and memory-making moments!


last but not least,

during our trip,

1 boy is turning ONE!!!


Elizabeth said...

Yay!! What a blast! Happy vacationing and a Happy 1st Birthday to Shav!!! Can't wait for pictures!


Beth said...

The conference you are attending looks amazing! Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, is this your trip to the Creation Museum? I am SO excited for y'all! The Creation Museum was one of the best experiences my family has ever had. We went three years ago and are ready to return. Have a fun trip!

Sally said...

This all sounds so exciting! I hope you can get rested up at some point during your vacation and can really enjoy it.

P.S. I sure hope you all aren't taking all your food along in 16 coolers with 45 borrowed ice packs to keep it cool. There HAS to be at least a Food Lion close enough to shop at once you get there.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Shav! I can't believe it! Praying for a safe and fun trip for your family!!