Sunday, August 15, 2010

Earth's Richness

~ I took these pictures of delicious, fresh produce - August 2010

When I think of abundance, I think of fall: big piles of pumpkins, all the remaining garden produce harvested and put up for the winter, long tables spread with Thanksgiving feasts. But it occurred to me recently that every season has its abundance. Winter has big boxes of zesty citrus fruits brought north from Florida and rows on rows of firewood in the woodshed. Spring has blossoms bursting out all over the lilac bush and more lettuce growing in the garden than we can possibly consume. And summer? Well, some of its abundance is pictured above, grown in our garden or a few hills over in our neighborhood orchard.

God has made the earth very rich, and I am thankful.


Marie said...

Oh such lovely words. So enjoyed reading this Davene,
I LOVE the pictures you took, they are SO so so beautiful. Gives me such a warm feeling thinking of what you said. I have been reading Little House on the Prairie this last week and it has given me those same feelings your are feeling.

~ Marie

Elizabeth said...

I loved your description of God's abundance. And the picture of your garden treats looks so refreshing!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! I delight in your words :) I also forgot to answer your question about where we were in NC. We were up in Greensboro for a business conference. How far is that from you all? We were hoping to see sweet Meredith from striving to serve at home, since she is only four hours from Greensboro. But we were sadly unable to. It would be so so nice to be able to see you sometime Davene! If you are ever in my area we MUST have dinner of perhaps tea!

Much love dear friend,


Davene said...


We are just under four hours from Greensboro, which is funny because we're not really close to Meredith's home at all...but it's like a big triangle between my home, hers, and Greensboro.

It really would be wonderful to meet in real life someday; I hope that it comes true! :)