Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wherever It Pleases

~ I took this picture of our neighbor's windsock - March 2010

I don't claim to fully understand this verse. All I know is that I want more of the Spirit, and I'll do everything I can to grab hold of it...even when it feels as difficult as grasping the wind.


Sally said...

I love your new header picture! It's so hard for me to believe Shav has so many teeth already. Both of my children so far have been very late to get teeth.

Your "Something Special in Life" Daily Manna post was something I needed to think about. Yesterday, when I read it, I was feeling VERY unspecial. It was a tough day because my sister Laura was getting married in NC and I couldn't be there (my doctors strongly recommended against me traveling). Yet, even on other days, I can often get the "discontents" wanting to be somebody of note, somebody extra special, and I'm afraid I'm raw enough that I don't even have a mask of thinking it's for the Lord. I want to be noticed because I want other people's praise and recognition. It's a rotten side of humans, I guess, and I sure have it. I needed reminded that God's requirements, what he recognizes, is so much different. And it's not what the world recognizes. I definitely need some heart surgery.

P.S. Do you lead a women's Bible study or anything like that? I sure hope you let me know about it so I can attend.

Davene said...

Sally, thank you for your encouragement! I'm so grateful for you!

That "Something Special" post is something I should read EVERY day, I think, because I need reminded of that often. To live life for God's approval, to disregard the world's standards of importance, to pour myself out in lowly, monotonous service - these are difficult things to do.

About Shav's're right, he does have a lot! David didn't get ANY teeth until he was 13 and a half months old, so in this area, he and Shav are quite different. Josiah and Tobin were somewhere in the middle between the two extremes.

About the women's Bible's so funny that you brought that up. During this period of transition and spiritual wilderness wandering that we've been experiencing, I've gotten very "hungry" for a women's discipleship group to be a part of. A place where women hold God's Word in the highest regard and challenge each other to live according to it in every area. A place of openness and prayer and confession and brokenness and healing. A place of iron sharpening iron and love that carries each other's burdens. I'm sure, at some point, God will provide such a group; but I don't yet know where it will come from, what group it will be, when I'll become a part of it, etc. I'm trying to wait patiently for His voice.

With all that said, I am honored (immensely!) that you asked that; and if I ever find myself in that position of serving in such a way, I will definitely let you know.