Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I've Learned in the Kitchen This Summer

~ Canning tomatoes isn't difficult, but it is a little time-consuming and A LOT messy. In fact, it's impossible to can tomatoes and keep your kitchen clean and neat at the same time. Which reminds evening, Dad walked in for supper while I was in the middle of getting a cannerload (that's odd; my computer tells me "cannerload" isn't a word!) :) of tomatoes ready; and as I bemoaned the state of my kitchen, he looked around and then said, "This kitchen isn't messy!" Bless his heart. He's a good man. In actuality, it was horribly messy with almost every flat surface covered with some kind of canning paraphernalia and sticky tomato juice; but I guess he was looking through a man's eyes and didn't think it was so bad. Bless his sweet heart.

~ One of the sweetest sounds of summer is the "pop" that comes from jars sealing.

~ My man has proven once again that he can can.  Salsa and hot peppers (jalapenos, cayenne, habanero, etc.) are his specialties, and I'm not sure how many quarts he's canned (a lot).  My Fisher Man is hot--in more ways than one.  ;-)


Stacey said...

I love the thought of canning but I fear I am afraid to do it. :0( I love the bit about the peppers! we have a friend here in Utah, his name is Dick Fisher. He cans his own peppers and every one knows them as Fishers Finest Peppers! By every one I mean family and close friends. thanks for sharing.

Davene said...


I've always been half-afraid of it, too. :) Especially the thought of the pressure canner: I somehow thought that could make the house explode if I did something wrong (and on a serious note, I know they really can be dangerous if used improperly). But all the canning I've done this summer has been done with just a hot water bath (which means boiling water in a pan). No pressure canner required. It's much easier--and far less intimidating--for me.

But honestly, until this summer, I was definitely "the helper" when it came to canning. I was never in charge of the operation; my mother was. This summer marks a transition point for me, as I have now gained the confidence (and desire) to do it myself. And fortunately, my mother is still here to answer my questions and assist me. All the peaches we've canned this summer have been done by us together; the only thing I've really done "all by myself" is tomatoes.

Fisher's Finest Peppers - I like that! If we ever get to Utah, maybe we can get some from Dick. :)

Miriam said...

And at least at my house... when canning is going full swing, not only is the kitchen a complete mess, but the REST of the house, too, from not having time to keep it picked up because of spending all the time in the kitchen!! I'm soooo glad canning is over for me (I think...) and now I can focus on the whole house again :)

Cheryl said...

Davene- I read often, but seems I never comment! Just wanted to stop by and say hey!!!
I understand the kitchen mess and canning tomatoes. I don't really can anything else, but maybe that is because I always make such a mess with those, i dont' want to venture out! :-)

Meredith Ivy said...

I so agree that one of the best sounds of summer is the "pop" of lids sealing! :) It is a relief that everything was done correctly and a lovely feeling of accomplishment.

Jo Ann said...

I am smiling because I have so many of the same thoughts as you! My kitchen is a disaster right now from canning peaches. Peaches and tomatoes are the worst I think.

My man can can, too. :) He just learned and what a blessing that has been.

I use a pressure canner and once you get going it becomes less intimidating. I laugh though because I am overly cautious...I'd hate to blow a hole in the ceiling. Or myself. lol

And last but not of my favorite things about summer is hearing that "pop"! It always makes me smile.

Margie said...

The peppers would make my husband's and my father's mouth water. They, might, in fact want to take up the practice themselves!