Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End

Today, when Dad locks the back door of his office and walks across the parking lot to his home, it will be the end of an era.

41 years and 13 days of practicing medicine here -- here in the brick office with the hitching post in the back.

Today he retires; and although I rejoice with him that this day has come, I'm almost too shocked to realize that it's true.  

A year ago, we celebrated 40 years of practice.  Somehow another year has flown by; and now, as a 70 year-old, he's ready to take this step.  I guess he's old enough.  ;-)

I talked on the phone a few minutes ago to one of his patients, a woman who's known him for 35 years, who first came to him with her fiancĂ© to get a blood test before their marriage, who later heard from him the news that she was pregnant, who was planning to come in for one last appointment today but cancelled it because she knew she'd cry through the whole thing and she didn't want to add to Dad's burden.  "After 35 years," she said, "he's family."

That, he is -- to many, many people in this corner of the world.  And I'm so proud of him, I could burst.

Farewell, horses at the hitching post.
Farewell, parking lot full of cars.
Farewell, patients walking into the office, knowing that even if they weren't suddenly cured, at least they would receive kindness and a listening ear.
Farewell, office staff.  (Oh, wait, you have to come back to finish up the endless paperwork that's resulting from so many patients requesting that their records be transferred to new doctors!  You're not done yet!)  :)
Farewell, Dr. Huffman.
Farewell, white shirts every day of the week.
Farewell, the morning walk across the parking lot to the mailbox to get the newspaper and then into the office to open up and prepare for a new day.
Farewell, dear office where a Spanish-speaking immigrant could be treated in one room and an Old Order Mennonite with a laceration be waiting in the other room.
Farewell, 41 years of tradition.

One thing stays the same though:  you might be retired, Dad, but you'll always be Doc.  You don't get to retire from that!!  :)


Lisa said...

WOW! That IS the end of an era. Your dad was my doctor for awhile...seems like forever ago.;-)

He's a good guy.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful father! And what an inspiration! I loved reading about it all especially the horses and the hitching post! I can imagine your joy and how proud you are of him!

I also am ooowing and awwwing over your new background and the top picture of Josiah and David! Makes me want to get a background again! Just love the look!

Much love Davene!

~ Elizabeth

Kimberly said...

What an amazing legacy. How he will be missed!

mamajil said...

I enjoyed your post especially made me smile because today I mentioned on my blog that my kids pediatricians were my Dr's and now they are also my grand daughters Drs they are family to us as well....

Amanda said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog today and leaving your lovely comment!

I live in Australia, and there is such a chronic shortage on GP's (actually even specialists). It is a very hard thing to find even a half-way decent doctor too, where you feel confident in their skill and ability. It is quite scary actually! What a blessing your Father must have been... not only a caring doctor, but a Christian one at that. Rare as hens teeth to find one of those!

I enjoyed reading your post, thank you!