Sunday, August 29, 2010

O Jerusalem

~ Dad took this picture when my parents came to visit us in Israel - Oct. 2004

I have been missing Israel so much recently, probably more than I have since we moved back from there.  I'm well aware that the physical Jerusalem held a much more significant role in the religious lives of the exiles who wrote Psalm 137 than it does for me; but even still, I echo their words as my own.  My real longing, however, runs far deeper than for a geographic place here on this earth.  The new Jerusalem is my true home.  May I never forget it!


Sally said...

Yes, how I want to go there. I want to go there with Andrew and my 3 precious children. I want to go where there I will never again be tired, never again be rushed to get out the door on time, never again stressed out from whining and crying, never again have jangled nerves from loud children, never again wonder why my baby is crying, and never again be embarrassed to walk into church late. But, I just MUST have my children there with me! Prayers to God is my only hope.

Pam said...

Yes, I have also had Jerusalem on my mind lately, and even tonight I was singing the song "Jerusalem" to myself. It must be the times, and the stirring of the Holy Spirit. How wonderful that you have lived there.
Of late I have had a longing to go there. Yes the new Jersalem is my ultimate longing as well. I love the picture your Dad took, and the verse. So precious.
Many Blessings,

bekahcubed said...

I've never been to this earthly Jerusalem--and perhaps I never will (although I'd like to!)

But I know the longing for the New Jerusalem, the cry that wells up in our hearts and out through our voices every year as we finish our Passover Seder, the desperate wish that this year the statement might become reality--

Next year in Jerusalem!

Davene said...