Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Happy Mother

~ Jeff took this picture in our yard - August 8, 2010

Nine or ten years ago, when I was longing for a child and unsure of whether we would have one (or more than one), I wonder what I would have thought if I could have fast-forwarded through time and peeked into my life here in 2010.

Here's what I thought today, as I live this life God has given me: I am so blessed to have the privilege of being the mother of these precious children. Surrounded by my four sons, and sometimes partially overwhelmed by the ensuing noisy chaos they bring, I am eternally grateful for the way God filled the holes in my heart that I felt as I waited for a baby to hold and love. Not just once, but four times He's filled those holes.

Because of His gifts, I am indeed a happy mother; and with the psalmist, what flows from my heart is, "Praise the Lord!"


Home Instead said...

What a truly beautiful picture! Pictures have a way of expressing what words cannot.

Sally said...

I love that picture! You all do so well capturing the best moments with your family. Yes, I agree that you are abundantly blessed. I think I am too. I had those same thoughts, about if God would bless us with children. Now, we have three (and they are outrageously cute as a bonus!).

Tim and Michelle said...

What a GREAT picture!! I love the emotions it shows and the love that jumps out from it :)