Saturday, August 14, 2010

Josiah Is My Son Who...

...tends to be a little bit grumpy during the morning after an evening in which we hold a potluck here. The visual mess and clutter that lingers after such a gathering really bothers him, and he is eager for me to start cleaning it up. :)

He is also my son who notices when I do begin to bring order to the house again, and he says, "Thanks, Mom, for cleaning up the living room."

It's nice to be appreciated. :)


Josiah is also my son who got out of bed this evening, came over to my room where I was sitting in my rocking chair, looked at my laptop, and said with a dreamy smile on his face, "Can you play that again? And can I turn off the fan in the hall so I can hear it better? I like that music; it makes me sleepy."

This is what I was listening to:


bekahcubed said...

I like that music too--boy choirs can be so beautiful!

New Mom said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this particular post but I wanted to tell you that my mom had a similar reaction to eating and handling too many garden tomatoes. Something about the acidity level. Just a thought :)

New Mom said...

Oops, by similar reaction, I meant that she got a rash, not that she joined a boys choir!

Davene said...

Ha ha, so funny. Thanks for the laugh. :)